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Blogging: Reminiscing my decade in it

The History

I began a journey on the 12th of October 2009. Subhas sir had casually asked in the class – “why don’t you guys start blogging?”. Blogging assignments became mandatory later on. Luckily, I had started blogging way before.… read more

Effective Tax Rate – how not be fooled by it

Often times we come across so-called people telling how usurious taxes are. If you ask them how much percent of Income is given as taxes either they scoot or give generic 30% as the answer. This oftentimes gives doubt on the expertise of that person regarding taxes.… read more

My effort at editing after 10-year gap

I tried my hand at editing videos after a long gap of 10 years. The video is recorded at 720p. The editor used is Lightworks. Audio is from www.bensound.com.… read more

The transport system and the invisible role it played in my life

There have been lots of protests over the bullet train project and other transport technologies. The farmers are protesting over it. There is a view that its a waste of money, which can be better utilized for schools and hospitals.… read more

Diversification & PMC Bank Crisis

Recently the PMC bank was in limelight due to RBI imposing some tough measures. Though this measure was to protect the depositors from the impending Crisis at PMC Bank, the very depositors were the people massively affected by it.… read more

Things to read for the weekend

  • 10 Link Building Lies You Must Ignore – SEO Moz – A listicle on Link building mistakes one commonly does.
  • The relationship with the customer – Seth Godin – THe important thing of building trust with a consumer.
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The great human fallacy against revaluation

Some time ago there was a lot of brouhaha over RBI reserves and Government raiding aginst it. That created the usual split in opinion amongst the general populace. Some justifying the move over ownership, and others against the profligacy.… read more

Things to read for the weekend

Personal Finance
  • Why your investments need a goal even if you don’t! – Free Fincal – A nice explainer on Goal-Based Investing and its importance.
  • Buying a new House? Here are 10 additional expenses you should be ready for!
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Things to read for the weekend

Self-development, Marketing
  • Make a habit/break a habit – Seth Godin – The underlying thing about effectiveness.
  • Responsibility and the power of ‘could have’ – Seth Godin – Why solving problems matters most than acquiring a new customer.
Personal Finances
  • How much are you compounding?
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Things to read for the weekend

Personal Finance
  • Forget Buffettisms/Mungerisms: try these 2000 year old personal finance tips! – Free Fincal – All the important finance tips, distilled into 1 article.
Entrepreneurship & Personal Development
  • Innovation is guts plus generosity – Seth Godin – Innovation and entrepreneurship.
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Things to read for the weekend

Personal Development & Entrepreneurship
  • Living in surplus – Seth Godin – The advantages of living in surplus, spending less than income, not comparing oneself to others, so that you don’t feel smaller than them.
  • The old media/new media chasm – Seth Godin – Why media makes the mistake of ignoring new inventions to dig its own grave.
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Things to read for the weekend

Marketing, Surveys
  • Sneaky surveys (and push polls) – Seth Godin – Are surveys useful? Points to remember when doing surveys.
  • Too big to care – Seth Godin – If your brands become too big- to show that you care, you need to staff to show that, not policies.
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