Brexit & change

This is a small post explaining about much-touted Brexit which happened in 2016. It’s kind of my view of seeing through the lens of a psychiatrist. Read the retelling of Brexit hoopla with caste and family angle, which exposes the subtle behavioural cues which we are seeing in media. The element of risk in every decision is present in this decision too. 

The timeline of Brexit

Consider one day I suddenly state it to my parents and family members I will not marry a girl from my caste as none has given me a horoscope to be matched, and I am thinking of going for someone from outer caste to remedy this. In Brexit, the UK govt moved this proposal on its own volition. The decision to go this way was thought out by the party, the way I would have thought it out.

Since I respect them I will call for their votes. For votes, I will only call house members, excluding the other members who are not important to this decision. This is like calling for the referendum in the UK.

Since I said it openly in front of them that I am intending to exit my caste based on the vote. The proclamation certain to cause furore amongst my caste the same way it happened in EU. Many will try to influence my family members to abstain my switch. Some may try to get assurances of horoscope dispatch to avoid my exit. The last-minute enticement happened during Brexit and was given prominence by media too.

Some looking at this opportunity will jump in and start giving forecasts of disasters that will follow with my decision to exit. These guys will be biased parties who are benefitting from my stay inside caste. Media in the UK took the ‘remain’ stance for the same reason. It’s better to call these biased parties as ‘Free Riders’ similar to the economics term.

Some people who were not under pressure of caste voted ‘exit’ as it happened in England and Wales. And people who wanted to be inside the caste system voted ‘remain’ like Ireland and Scotland. But the final result was that exit outnumbered remain, despite the forecasts by many that remain will prevail.

The cold reality of ‘exit’ was so harsh, it started showing withdrawal symptoms immediately. The free riders on me would be distraught and will immediately start showing the withdrawal symptoms, exactly the one being exhibited by media world over.

One of the coping mechanism when hurt is “vilifying” the other and “victimizing” the self. The psychological principle of “Just World Hypothesis” will also take place to aid in coping.  In just world hypothesis the bad event happening to a person will be blamed on the attributes of the person itself. Its expected the free riders will indulge in a marketing campaign to vilify me and every inconsequential bad thing happening will be causated to my exit decision. The pound’s fall though it doesn’t have any meaning attached and was just a sudden economic reaction was shown as because of Brexit. The 4-day correction which is common in stock markets is shown as something solely because of Brexit.

But those who voted remain as they wanted to stay in caste are hurt, and its expected of them to cut off and join the caste. Scotland and Ireland are doing that. As expected, the free riders will be happy with their decisions and will aid them with their marketing magnifications. The media support for the move of Irish and Scots is an indicator of that.

The caste members who will be hurt because of this will expect me to do the procedural thing of exiting quickly. EU’s urgency shown in invoking article 50 is understandable.

Is it bad?

Finally to the main question of this thing is is it really bad?. The Brexit decision or even me marrying an outside caste are all journeys into the unknown. Essentially what really happened is a gamble is taken with data at my disposal. Since the gamble is taken it may become fruitful and I may be able to woo a girl or it may backfire. This decision of good and bad are reserved by time and no one knows how it will turn. The correctness of a decision is always decided at the end of the journey not at the beginning of it. The Brexit fallout will be decided long after the event has happened. Before that everything is just estimates drawn out thin air.

In my case, the only present factor that will have the impact on my decision is my financials. If my financials were in bad shape(which will not be the case at all with me) then the exit decision would simply send on the path of ruin. If my financials are in good shape(mine is always going to be in a fair state) then small trouble can be taken care of. The UK has a strong financial condition which does give some stability.


  • Every decision about future course always has element risk.
  • The free riders always like the status quo and will do every dirty trick to maintain that.
  • The free riders always take the role of a self-appointed critic but their words do have some value.
  • Always take words of critique and eliminate the biased points and make a decision.
  • Taking critiques words and not making a decision is also a form of decision.
  • If a person is hurt, there will coping mechanisms of Just World Hypothesis, Victimization at play.
  • If a decision causes significant change, better to adapt to change than cribbing. this adaptability will aid in being a fittest species.
  • Every decision will always result in forgoing of one path for another. The cost of forgone opportunity is called an opportunity cost.
  • Critic / Cribber’s misery always stems from this opportunity cost.
  • A decision maker is like driver and critic is like a passenger.
  • A decision maker sets the path to take and always has better info about the course than a critic.
  • A critic, if he is a local to the decision being taken has a better understanding of terrain/subject matter of decision which might aid the decision maker.