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And I call it Quits – My resignation letter & basics of being web admin.

PS: This resignation letter is just footnotes integrated into the main body of the resignation letter. It has no link to actual events around me.

Respected Sir,

Sub: Resignation

I would like to quit the services of this company effective from 9th of March ____.… read more

My resignation letter 2017 edition

PS: This is a sarcastic post and has no links to actual thing. Like many fathers, mothers have been penning open letters to their daughters, This post is addressed to employer.  😀

Respected Sir,

Sub: My resignation

I would like to quit your organization with immediate effect owing to whole host of causes.… read more

Scientific Research Process: what it is?

(Source: flickr)

Many times traders used to tell their process of setting up the trade as scientific and blah blah blah. But to call something as scientific, every technique has to go through a proper scientific research process.… read more

The shenanigans of Context in the stats

WARNING: Your brain may melt trying to understand the shenanigans of Context in already difficult field of stats. So here is my article to understand context & statistical analysis.

Most of my shenanigans with analytics happened after I joined SKDRDP.… read more

Decision Making and Google Analytics

Decision making is the most often done thing in the field of websites, be it trivial decision of  ‘which colour to render the website and its elements?’ or important ones like ‘how to target the site specific audience?’.… read more

Resurrecting the Social for SKDRDP with Facebook Page Insights

In my previous article my one month stand with SKDRDP, I explained how I had go about bringing SKDRDP website on track, The ordeal I had to go through to introduce analytics.

This article will be dealing with the dawn of Social on SKDRDP.… read more

My 1month stand with SKDRDP

I joined Sri Kshetra Dharmasthala Rural Development Project(SKDRDP) on 10th March as Manager for its Website Management department.  I was selected for this Job after a long interview with Executive Director (in short ED) in the Month of February. … read more

The Great Hadoop Operating System for Big Data

Some days ago I was going through an article on Big Data. I couldn’t make a head or tail of it. I immediately asked IBM & My Colleague working at IBM to help me to get going on big data.… read more

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