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Tech news makers this month.(March 2013)

This month had lots of news worthy pieces. Here are some of the Top News as well as some of great topics I came across.

The News makers:

  1. Facebook acquires Storylane, a story-telling platform (Giga Om)
  2. Facebook Launches Feeds For Photos, Music, Friends-Only, And More (Techcrunch)
  3. Apple and Intel Have Reportedly Discussed Deal for Production of Future iPhone and iPad Chips (Mac Rumors)
  4. Bradley Manning provides more evidence of why we need a media entity like WikiLeaks (Giga Om)
  5. Should you be worried about the new “six strikes” anti-piracy rules? Yes and no (Giga Om)
  6. Rackspace buys its way into MongoDB market with ObjectRocket (Giga Om)
  7. Variety doubles down on digital — drops paywall in what it calls “end of an error” (Giga Om)
  8. Google kills Google Reader, says it will go offline on July 1, 2013 (Giga Om)
  9. A second spring of cleaning (Official Google Blog)
  10. Samsung Galaxy S4 preview: a bigger, faster upgrade to the world’s most popular Android phone (The Verge)
  11. Google acquires an infrastructure startup Talaria. Will it help Google crush AWS? (Giga Om)
  12. Google Keep, an Overdue Answer to Evernote, Arrives (Wired)
  13. “First to file” patent law starts today: what it means in plain English (Giga Om)
  14. A Dongle Joke That Spiraled Way Out Of Control (Techcrunch)
  15. Apple Acquires WiFiSlam to Track iPhones Indoors (Laptop Mag)
  16. Yahoo! Continues To Attack Mobile, Buys News Gathering And Delivery Startup Summly, App Will Close (Techcrunch)
  17. Amazon Buys Goodreads to Make Reading Experience More Social (Mashable)

11 Must-Read Authors For Every Professional : A list of best authors, some of the must read books from these authors. One such author in this list, whom I know very well is Stephen Covey and the his very famous book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”.

Leverage Social Media in SEO Strategy: I came across this article through one of my colleague. This article lays the link between “link building” and Social Media.

Once upon a Time in Marketing Land… Why Narrative is Key to Customer Engagement: This article hits on the head of marketing. Marketing is all about – how well one can come across on narratives?

If Landing Pages Were People – 3 Nasty Habits That Drive Prospects Away: This article beautifully illustrates landing page guidelines. Always understand, Sites are like people, and personality matters for both sites as well as people.

Surviving “Founder Fear”: Entrepreneurship tip, note: this tip applies to me more too.

7 Lessons From the World’s Most Captivating Presenters: A wonderful captivating article on presentation tips. A must read article for MBA’s they are one who do most presenting work.

26 Awesome Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read: A laundry list of top notch books by top notch authors. I have gone through 2 of them already and these 2 books define significant portion of my personality.

Entrepreneurship section

  1. Business Lessons From Mega-Entrepreneur Richard Branson
  2. Entrepreneurial Lessons From Instagram Co-Founder Kevin Systrom
  3. Entrepreneurial Lessons From Google All-Star and Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer
  4. Tony Hsieh, Zappos, and the Art of Great Company Culture
  5. Inside the Inventive and Entrepreneurial Mind of Elon Musk
  6. Entrepreneurial Lessons from Mark Zuckerberg
  7. 12 Business Lessons You Can Learn from Amazon Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos
  8. How to Build a Thriving Culture – An Interview with Dharmesh Shah, Co-founder of HubSpot

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Some articles for this weekend

Can you hear me now? You bet I can, and in HD, A nice article on Apple’s introduction of wideband audio in iPhone 5.

The Mobile/Social/Local/Cloud Land Grab Is Over, Now its its time to deliver killer apps not release any thing. Now the markets are stabilizing.

Why You And Your Favorite Web Sites Will Feel The Pain If “Do Not Track” Passes, Totally agree with this article. In order to show right ads the site needs to know about you. This ads system works on principle “ If you don not tell me about yourself, I can’t guess about your preferences and display right ads”. The “Do Not Track” feature is going to kill that. Read the article to know the technicalities on this subject.

How To: Google Analytics Installation For Novices & Beginners, This article is worth bookmarking, only if you are novice in the world of blogging.

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Resources to read weekend

Some of the articles covering the news highlights and Blogging tips to read this weekend.

Blogging / Social Networking Tips

Leadership and Human Endowments

Strategic Aspects of Tech Industry


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8 Handy and Powerful Web Resources I Use Most

The internet is filled with wide varieties of websites, ranging from static websites to powerful dynamic sites like Google, Facebook. With rise in social networking and ease of access to data, along with huge data generated by our own activities, Its difficult to manage them. The tools mentioned below help us in productivity. Here comes the list.



Its very handy and powerful social scripting tool. IFTTT stands for IF This Then That. It helps us to automate things like posting twitter items to Facebook, linked in etc. Every Automation item in IFTTT is called as “Recipe”. Every recipe has Trigger and Action. One such example of trigger and Action is IF “I post a link on twitter” then “bookmark that link on delicious.” Here twitter and delicious are called as channels. Every channel has its own specific set of triggers.



Twitterfeed is now acquired by bit.ly.  I use twitterfeed to auto post my all blog articles to my Twitter timeline , Facebook page and Facebook news feed. I could use the IFTTT for same purpose, but twitterfeed works fine and since IFTTT is very booby trapped in other activities too, I resort to “twitterfeed” to keep it simple.



Buffer is used to control the posting to twitter at specific time so that tweet can have maximum visibility, as well as not be annoying to users.  I set buffer in conjunction with IFTTT to automate the Retweet thanking mechanism so that its doesn’t fill my Timeline with “thanks for RT” messages all at once.



Feedly is my favorite news reader client on my laptop. It is installed on my laptop as a Chrome App. Feedly syncs with my Google reader to pull all the feeds I have subscribed to. Actions like “read it later” represents corresponding “favorite” action in reader. Feedly arranges the feeds in unique order putting most important feeds on top.

Google Reader


Google reader is my favorite database of feeds. I use Google reader as a database of feeds and sync feed reader to fetch from this. My feed collection contains around 147 feeds of which half are inactive feeds of my classmates. Here is the link to my collection of blogs. I use Google reader native interface only when my connection speed throttled to 144kbps by my idiotic ISP Tata DoCoMo. Still Google reader is favorite web based feed reader, because of its lesser levels of nonsense updates.



About.me is my default personal profile page after Google upgraded their profile section into a full blown social network Google+. I stepped on About.me with intention to explore it, but its huge social network support and klout social analytics integration has made it my default profile page.Here is link to my About.me page.



TweetDeck is my favorite twitter client. Before acquisition TweetDeck used to support many social networks, now it shows only Facebook feeds and its predominantly a Twitter client. I use TweetDeck often for tweeting, and I run it once I connect to internet. Its huge column array of tweets, lists, search results, make it my personal always on news paper. Another worthy competitor to TweetDeck is HootSuite. But limitations imposed by HootSuite makes me to stick to TweetDeck. (Note: HootSuite adds analytics and lot of other power features, which is ideal for enterprise social media users not me.)



Klout is a Social Analytics service. Klout is used to measure the social media influence. Klout analyzes our social media activities and provides a single score. The notable activities on Social Media are called as Moments. Klout measures many of social symbols like FB likes, twitter mentions, LinkedIn recommendations etc. (Note: If interested in learning more about klout visit this page “Understand Klout Score”, which explains different aspects of Klout score.)

The other handy but less used web resources are:

  • Google Analytics (www.google.com/analytics): Google Analytics is my default analytics service for all my blogs.
  • Evernote (www.evernote.com): Evernote is my default note taking app as MS OneNote doesn’t support cloud sync.
  • Tumblr (harshatechspace.tumblr.com): Its my favorite blogging platform. The above shown blog is called as Harsha’s Tech Space – Web Resources. Its updated almost daily with Quotes I find on twitter, resource mashups of various bloggers and my Favorite Articles on other blogs.

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Laptop Security Tips(Physical+Data)

Laptop Security is not some easy task as they are portable hence possess the risk of being lifted off or sensitive data leaks. Hence to protect laptop as well as data inside it, we have to take some precautionary measures. For Physical and data security we have software and hardware tools to accomplish our tasks. Some of tools are given by OS and manufacturer by default. Below are some tips to secure our laptop.
  • Enable BIOS& Setup password and do not use dictionary terms as passwords. E.g.:- your name, pet name or any other things which can be guessed by few minute chat.
    In case of theft the thief cannot use your system or even format HDD and install OS on your system or even disable passwords.
  • Encrypt important sensitive contents on your Disk Drive using encryption software. E.g.:- True Crypt, Bit Locker.
    Encryption ensures that even if thief has access to your system, he cannot use or even open your sensitive data. OS reinstall would render that hard drive space the data covers as waste.
  • Have backup of important documents and software’s, on cloud as well as other portable Hard drive. E.g.:- Dropbox, Portable Apps, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive etc..
    Having back up of things helps you to continue with your normal functioning. Using portable apps you can use your pen drive or dropbox storage to move some of your apps between 2 or more computers. This is safety feature not security feature.
  • Use Kensington Lock for physical security of your system. using this lock ensures that no one can lift your laptop in your absence.
  • Use a strong Internet Security Suite to prevent sniffing by malware. E.g.:- Kaspersky, Norton, ESET, are my top priority vendors for Internet Security Suites.
    Go for Internet Security suite as it comes with not just malware detection but also sniff malware you may browse on sites. Internet Security suites come loads of software tools to safeguard your home network.
  • Have a Firewall for your home network. Firewall acts as 1st line of defence against malware coming through internet. It works as entrance to a castle. E.g.:- Comodo, Zone Alarm.
    Its suggested not to depend on windows firewall. These third party firewalls provide lots of security against malware. Internet Security Suites do come with firewalls but its better to go for independent ones and also have firewall on home router enabled.
  • Use some laptop tracking tools like LAlarm, Prey, LaptopLock as additional line of defence against laptop theft.
At last always remember the ABC of security: “Always Be Careful”. Security begins and ends with you. These tools can’t repair the security mistakes you do. Hence care is very important.

You are reading an Article by Harsha Ankola, originally posted on Harsha’s Tech Space. If you have enjoyed this post, be sure to follow Harsha on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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