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Effective Tax Rate – how not be fooled by it

Often times we come across so-called people telling how usurious taxes are. If you ask them how much percent of Income is given as taxes either they scoot or give generic 30% as the answer. This oftentimes gives doubt on the expertise of that person regarding taxes.… read more

The transport system and the invisible role it played in my life

There have been lots of protests over the bullet train project and other transport technologies. The farmers are protesting over it. There is a view that its a waste of money, which can be better utilized for schools and hospitals.… read more

Diversification & PMC Bank Crisis

Recently the PMC bank was in limelight due to RBI imposing some tough measures. Though this measure was to protect the depositors from the impending Crisis at PMC Bank, the very depositors were the people massively affected by it.… read more

The great human fallacy against revaluation

Some time ago there was a lot of brouhaha over RBI reserves and Government raiding aginst it. That created the usual split in opinion amongst the general populace. Some justifying the move over ownership, and others against the profligacy.… read more

Certain Risk = Hajmati

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Oftentimes we come across “If you had invested X amount back in XXXX (enter year of your choice) you would have amassed Y amount by now”. This is the most common line used to sell financial products and investment ideas.… read more

A tale of Curse & Personal Finances

Some days ago, A bad dream woke me up way early in the morning. In the dream, someone had done black magic to bring my family down. The people doing it were jealous of progress we had achieved.… read more

There was a philosophical discussion on AIFW yesterday. The discussion was about splurging by dependent. A father earns hard to put money into Sukanya Samriddhi Account, and daughter splurges that corpus (when she becomes eligible for withdrawal.… read more

Personal and Business Accounting

My journey in personal finances started with Excel Based Expense Tracking System I Instituted in October 2007. Back then I had no knowledge of double-entry accounting hence dabbled in products like Quicken, Microsoft Money, YNAB etc…(Microsoft money review) My entry into MBA in 2009 opened gates of double entry accounting.… read more

Getting Started with Share Trading and Investments – part 2

In the previous ‘getting started’ article of the series I introduced the main actors of the scene. In this article, I will be explaining the various transaction types to use. The market orders can be viewed in 2 groups.… read more

People always get shafted in the name of Tax Saving.

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