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The Software Development Process -How to build a peice of software?

Some days ago, there was an intense debate in AIFW on a Forbes Article. The Article was on how India is leaving behind rest of the world in adopting technologies to aid in governance. Since India Stack is resting primarily on Aadhar, its detractors immediately pounced on the article.… read more

Website Loading: Basics of Authentication and Encryption – Part 2

In the previous part of Website Loading series, I explained about application layer, the protocols that operate in it. That article told the basic grunt of work done by HTTP and DNS system. This article is to dispel doubts about whether the website loaded is secure or not.… read more

Website Loading: What happens when you type www.google.com – part 1

Whenever a person types in www.google.com in his address bar, behind the scene lots of works happen to load the website of Google. The the very act of website loading requires proper functioning of various elements of technology stack.… read more

Writing my “First Android App”

Few days ago I gave my source code of First Android App to tech section of SKDRDP as my computer broke up. The app I was building was for Cash Collection Tracking which will be used by Field Staff of SKDRDP.… read more

Authentication techniques for “mortals”

The most common thing every designer has to deal with is ‘authentication‘. In simple words, person logging into Narendra Modi’s account is Narendra Modi himself, not Roudy Ranganna. In case of real world you see his face and authenticate (not thinking about thing called ‘humshakals’ and impostors.… read more

A Rational Mind’s thought on Internet of Things (IoT)

Now a days there is lot of brouhaha over Internet of Things, a special version of internet where things can communicate. This bug was inserted into me by Giga Om. If you ask any so called experts what Internet of Things is they will start giving you a view of future where traffic lights are controlled over the internet by signals sent from vehicle density sensors, a Refrigerator ordering milk when its over.… read more

Void Pointers and its impact on Learning

Void Pointers

The concept of pointers in C Programming is one of the most powerful and very error prone concept. In C Programming a pointer is said to be a special type of variable which points to a particular address in memory.… read more

The Great Hadoop Operating System for Big Data

Some days ago I was going through an article on Big Data. I couldn’t make a head or tail of it. I immediately asked IBM & My Colleague working at IBM to help me to get going on big data.… read more

How to set up Development Environment for Android?

Weeks ago I Plunged into the world of Android App Development. Sometimes the Instructions given are not Straight forward, causing little bit of trouble for “rote memorizers” or in industry lingo “fresher’s”. Setting up DE(my shorthand for Development Environment) for Android is akin to “cooking”!.You… read more

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