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Certain Risk = Hajmati

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People always get shafted in the name of Tax Saving.

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For any instrument safety is determined by knowledge of underlying risk.

-Pattu Sir, Freefincal

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Man with Gold, makes Golden Rules of life.

– PV Subramanyam (www.subramoney.com)

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Other than investing more and staying invested for a long time, man will do anything to get a better return.

-PV Subramanyam (subramoney.com)

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Investing in mutual funds is like selecting life partners.

One of approach is fill it with One Night Stands ‬( i.e. putting into top rated funds ) here it’s important to have state of the art monitoring strategies.… read more

You wont get butter without churning nor Knowledge without questioning.

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Investing is a lot like sex. You need to know about the investing product before investing. Just like contraception.

– PV Subramanium (subramoney.com)

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Investing in equities and equity mf’s is like getting married. You need to think of long term to get it work.


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