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For any instrument safety is determined by knowledge of underlying risk.

-Pattu Sir, Freefincal

Man with Gold, makes Golden Rules of life.

– PV Subramanyam (www.subramoney.com)

Other than investing more and staying invested for a long time, man will do anything to get a better return.

-PV Subramanyam (subramoney.com)

Investing in mutual funds is like selecting life partners.

One of approach is fill it with One Night Stands ‬( i.e. putting into top rated funds ) here it’s important to have state of the art monitoring strategies. Here understanding the events is important.

Other one is to select Soulmate ( i.e. fund which can perform consistently ) here it’s important to get the fund to invest right. Here understanding the working of the fund is important.

You wont get butter without churning nor Knowledge without questioning.

Investing is a lot like sex. You need to know about the investing product before investing. Just like contraception.

– PV Subramanium (subramoney.com)

Investing in equities and equity mf’s is like getting married. You need to think of long term to get it work.


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