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my opinion on Gaming Chair and its Ergonomics

Recently I received my brand new gaming chair. The chair was from a company called Greensoul. The chair is called the monster series. The gaming chair is often branded in bright colors and weird names by the manufacturers.… read more

my opinion on Toilet: ek prem katha

ALERT: This post is not a review of Toilet: ek prem katha, which I went to watch yesterday, but about peak at chain reactions launched by that movie in my brain. The movie is story of lady who fights hard to get toilet at her husband’s house despite opposition of her FIL( expanded as father in law).… read more

My opinions on my TP-Link Wi-Fi Router

I recently purchased TP-Link Wi-Fi Router WRT941ND on Amazon India. Since my mobile as well as Laptops both connect to internet, I needed a device to share internet connections with them. I decided to zero in on this router because of 3 antennas, Wi-Fi 802.11n… read more

My opinion on Samsung Galaxy Pocket

I purchased Samsung Galaxy Pocket through Flipkart as I wanted badly an android device to test apps I used to write or practice on. The test apps I write are based on version 4.0. as the book I read is based on it.… read more

Tata DoCoMo Photon+ Review

A weak ago I signed up for Tata DoCoMo Photon+ Mobile Internet Service. I had to settle for DoCoMo because BSNL EVDO modems were in short supply in my city. Initially contacted Airtel(Airtel Office), Vodafone(Univercell), and DoCoMo(local shop) for plans.… read more

Cooler Master Notepal U3 review

Some days ago I ordered for Cooler Master Notepal U3 for my laptop Dell Studio 1558. I ordered the product through “www.flipkart.com”. The need for laptop cooler arouse because my heavy dependence on internet and worst quality of cooling systems in my laptop.… read more

Facebook Messenger for Windows

Earlier today TechCrunch leaked a news about Facebook’s messenger for windows. Later it was reported that facebook has officially unveiled the Messenger for Windows as download link in its help center. Which can also be directly downloaded from this link.… read more


BSNL the State Owned Telecom operator has been providing the 3G services for a long time. I jumped into 3G bandwagon last month. Overall I am satisfied with the service barring some headache with setting the phone to 3G.… read more

Dell Studio 15 review

The studio 15 laptop falls in midrange or mainstream segment of laptops. For many this segment consists of all laptops costing between `40,000 to `60,000. This segment laptops generally have entry level discrete GPU units from ATI or Nvidia included.… read more

Personal Financial Management with Technology

Why I must manage my finances?

This question is asked to me by many of my friends. I constantly get messages of my friends getting into bad debt and ruining their life. Do you want to be one of those?… read more

Tweet Deck Review

We all know about “Twitter” – The most popular micro-blogging site. The twitter is actually an API(Application Program Interface) which can be embedded into many devices. This API is used to build Twitter Apps for different things like Mobiles,TV’s, PC’s etc.… read more

Dell Studio 1558 Crysis Benchmarks

Before delving into bench marks lets know some thing about this laptop and this game. Dell Studio 15 is lower middle class laptop which has slightly powerful hardware than inspiron series. The previous post explains the features and synthetic benchmark results of this laptop.… read more
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