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My thoughts on amusing thing called “they are selling data”

I often hear on Facebook about “they are selling data” in discussions involving direct plan portals. Most of the time discussion is initiated by the distributor hitmen, as they are the ones to lose most by this direct plan thing.… read more

And I call it Quits – My resignation letter & basics of being web admin.

PS: This resignation letter is just footnotes integrated into the main body of the resignation letter. It has no link to actual events around me.

Respected Sir,

Sub: Resignation

I would like to quit the services of this company effective from 9th of March ____.… read more

Social Media Marketing: The Art of guerrilla selling

We come across people trying to sell us various things. Since every organization survives on its goods being sold, marketing and sales become very important parts of an organization. As sales become important for survival, it also poses a moral hazard.… read more

Resurrecting the Social for SKDRDP with Facebook Page Insights

In my previous article my one month stand with SKDRDP, I explained how I had go about bringing SKDRDP website on track, The ordeal I had to go through to introduce analytics.

This article will be dealing with the dawn of Social on SKDRDP.… read more

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