Election after election, we commonly hear about goons getting elected. Nowadays the news columns are often filled with some politician’s child brandishing a gun in public. We get repulsed by this news and utter “politics is for goons”, and go about our business. Due to the idea of leaving the field to goons, is the very reason goons get elected.

If you have read my old article on numbers in politics, you will get the concept. In simple words, the idea by that article is NOTA(None Of The Above) and Not Being Present don’t count towards valid votes. Therefore only votes to candidates count. Since NOTA and absenteeism are invalid votes, only valid ones given to candidates count. The so-called “educated mass” votes only NOTA’s. As a result, their votes are invalid. On top of that, they talk about how to cleanse the political system. The technical term for this preachy behavior is called “intellectual jerking off”.

I got this idea to cleanse the political system from 3 people. One was from Seth Godin’s Article. Another one was by PV Subramanyam’s Facebook post. The last one was R Balakrishnan, One of the Co-founders of Crisil. The core idea given by them, was to “vote for a less evil candidate, and making it a habit”.

How to cleanse the political system?

A: Vote for candidate who is least evil of all available candidates. Don’t waste the vote on NOTA. It promotes evilness.

Cleanse the political system by being less evil

This is the reason why developed countries are developed in the first place. The developed economies have successfully cleansed their political system. That was done by voting less evil candidates. The less evil candidates will work towards people. Development works will also be higher with a good politician.

The less evil principle is actually a kind of opportunity cost principle. In the opportunity cost principle, we take the best alternative out of available ones. Even if all the available alternatives are far worse, according to the opportunity cost principle we have to pick one.

With less evil principle, we could easily eliminate criminals from public life. A criminal at the end of the day is the embodiment of evil. Hence, he can never win if everyone upholds the less evil principle. The parties too will be away from such people if they can’t win.

The less evil principle forces candidate to spend most of his budget on showing himself as less evil. This less evil display requires investments in productive infrastructure and curtailing of corruption. Infra buildup also develops an economy thereby reducing poverty. This principle also has a chilling effect on vote bank politics too. The inefficient electoral process also changes for good, once the less evil principle takes effect.

NOT(A) problem:

The less evil principle also forces the candidate to portray himself as less evil to win. Otherwise, he can portray the entire field as filled with criminals to repulse some educated voters to vote for NOTA. When educated don’t vote, the deciding factor will be uneducated voters. Uneducated people vote those who give them freebies.

A candidate has limited resources. He can either use it to paint pictures of all-round evilness or to portray himself as less evil. As said earlier, NOTA is an act of repulsion. The former leads to educated mass voting for NOTA. This NOTA also creates a vote bank amongst uneducated ones. Thereby reducing the electorate to divide and conquer kind of problem.

Once a candidate wins, he needs to recover the expenses. The need to look evil and also give handouts to uneducated costs a lot. This leads to candidate indulging in corruption and tax evasion to fund his coffers. Also, electorate getting upgraded by crossing into educated middle class cuts into his vote bank. All this leads to crony capitalism and rampant corruption. On the flip side, the less evil principle also forces the candidate to reduce corruption and build infra to win.

The candidate to secure his vote bank will try every dirty trick in the book to increase invalid votes. Earlier we used to hear about booth capture kind of stuff too. Even today, getting into electoral rolls is an inefficient process. A person will drive to get more votes by his works if people are voting based on the less evil principle.

  • Vote for the less evil candidate, and not for NOTA.
  • Middle Class has numbers behind it. It can definitely influence candidate behavior significantly.
  • Most importantly remember this less evil principle is not a kind of one-off experiment to show result immediately.
  • Good behavior reinforces good behavior in others, the same is the case with bad behavior. Today politics is considered bad because of this reason. Educated mass reinforced bad behavior for past 70 years. We are paying the price of it.