Some days ago, A bad dream woke me up way early in the morning. In the dream, someone had done black magic to bring my family down. The people doing it were jealous of progress we had achieved. In a fit of rage, I put a counter curse on these guys. The curse was very elaborate. “By resorting to black magic and going down this path, you will totally destroy yourself. The total destruction will happen with 2-3 generations time. The total destruction will be so brutal you will not even have a house to live in. Nor will any acquired asset stick to you. If you stop going on this path and immediately start on the path of virtue, you will amass huge assets and properties. This curse is binding. Only virtue can overcome its effects.”

For someone, this seems to be like a brutal curse. Very brutal to be put on someone even in dreams. But in reality, this is universal. This is also a standard karmic backlog, one always lives with. This principle also drives personal finances. Alternatively, the dream and my enchantment can also be viewed as metaphors of expenses and assets.

The Standard Personal Finance Curse

Its standard theme in personal finances that expenses erode wealth and assets build wealth. Similarly, asset gathering is a path of virtue for finances. Likewise, The spending spree has always caused the downfall of everyone.

In the above story, the main actor is the jealous guy. It’s a well-known fact that the lifestyle of neighbors and others always creates jealousy. When we act on it, the downfall begins. Hence, it ‘s very important to control our comparative tendencies. The “lifestyle creep” is the technical name for this enchantment.

The jealous guy resorting to black magic is like a decision to have the same lifestyle as someone else. When we go down the path of unsustainable expenses, it becomes a race to the bottom. Like demands of black magic, expenses keep on coming. These expenses always erode Assets we have. In order to service these expenses, distress sales of assets also happen. When you are in grip of expense and liabilities, no assets sticks.

The enchantment also had virtuous path mentioned too. Similarly, stopping lifestyle expenses and going on the path of asset gathering, starts generating multi-generational wealth. The wealth always builds on top of itself. Slowly the virtuous path of asset gathering starts erasing the sins of lifestyle expenses.

The final clause made it a binding clause. The only remedy for lifestyle creep is to stop doing it and going on the path of asset gathering.


Hope this article helped you in understanding ill effects of lifestyle creep. The curse of lifestyle creep is universal and everyone has it. Assets are the only remedy to it.