The studio 15 laptop falls in midrange or mainstream segment of laptops. For many this segment consists of all laptops costing between `40,000 to `60,000. This segment laptops generally have entry level discrete GPU units from ATI or Nvidia included. This segment laptops are for casual gamers and generally give Windows Experience Index above 4.5.

For many people spending on these segment laptops is hefty investment, hence people start considering the value these laptops provide. Since many people have different values, their perception on these different laptops too differ a lot. This post is about what is the thing which makes this laptop to shine. Before going details into this lets see the bundle.


The product I received included

  1. Laptop
  2. Battery and Power Adapter
  3. Targus Backpack
  4. Creative EP-630 In-earphones
  5. Product Manual
  6. Drivers and Software CD / DVD’s

Specs of laptop has already been reviewed in March month’s post.

Best thing about this laptop:

The core competency of this laptop is in watching HD Movies. The Mobility Radeon HD 4570/5470 Graphics adapter can easily handle 1080p movies. But for gaming HP DV6 and VAIO CW gives tough competition, both have better graphics units than this. If you go for Bluray and 1080p screen combination then price will be around 53k. The slot loading drive is good option. The best thing is the customisability available. But graphics units cannot be swapped which was minus point. The 720p screen on my laptop gives tough competition to others in this range, as picture is very crisp and colours are vivid. The Creative earphones bundled does emit decent sound hence movie watching in this sounds good. The “SRS Premium Sound” gives better sound stage from speakers as well as earphones with customised presets for Movie, Game and Music. The multi touch track pad is responsive but misfires a lot.

Worst thing about this laptop:

The optical Drive is the worst thing in my laptop. The optical drive is from TSST Corp. The first one was not reading any CD’s. I wasn’t even picking up the inside too. Directly spitting out. The drive which I got replaced has very high error rates around 50% in writing.Only 1 out of 2 discs would be burnt successfully. The drive reads and writes only “Sony” DVD’s. For CD’s it reads and writes only Moser Baer and Sony. The ODD took nearly 5 minutes for mounting Encyclopaedia Britannica and starting setup. The same process in my other Compaq laptop took not even 1minute. The USB Drives are tight hence its not easy to plug and unplug the peripherals. Roxio burn provided is not the best for writing to disc and I couldn’t burn multisession discs with it also.

Bottom line:

As all products have plus points and minus points the laptop is overall good. If we rate this laptop will get the rating of 7.6 out of 10. This laptop also supports booting from USB Drives. The absence of numpad is not a big minus. The keys are big enough for faster typing and one could easily get used to it. The backlighting option is also available which adds up to plus. For artist edition the outside looks like creative artwork. If opened inside its strictly professional with only 2 logos of Processor and Windows 7. The Dell logo is below the screen and at the top it has 2mp cam which is not apparently visible.

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