Before delving into bench marks lets know some thing about this laptop and this game.
Dell Studio 15 is lower middle class laptop which has slightly powerful hardware than inspiron series. The previous post explains the features and synthetic benchmark results of this laptop. This will tell about Crysis game scores only. The benchmark scores are recorded using FRAPS.

About Crysis:

This game is developed by Electronic Arts and Crytek (Makers of Far Cry). The game play takes place during 2020 on an island in South China Sea. US Dispatches the elite squad to know the status of the scientists held by KPA. The game is story of person code named as “Nomad”. As the game progresses the story begins to unfold. This is Alien First Person Shooter game.


Here are some screenshots captured at low detail settings and 1024 X 768 resolution.
crysis64 2010-05-30 00-44-02-83
crysis64 2010-05-30 00-46-08-42
crysis64 2010-05-30 00-52-13-96
crysis64 2010-05-30 00-47-26-74


Here are the results for the Crysis Game. Once the anti aliasing set the frame rates take hit. For very spec it was totally unplayable. The game is played at the Resolution of (1366 X 768) 720p. If the resolution is toned down to (1024 X 768) the game is playable at mid settings also.image

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