Yesterday I conducted a small poll on AIFW trying to figure out the power consumed by various members in their households. most fell under 300+ units category and other biggest polling was for 150-200 units. Figures like this are like rich-poor divide. The power consumption is measured in KWh units. But the billing is different for all. Some states have hajamati billing in place.  One state had 0-200 units placed in a single slab with per unit cost at 3 Rupees. Whereas my discom puts 0-30 units in that 3 Rupee per unit slab rate.  So it’s better to compare electricity consumption in units as the measure is one and the same for all.

The consumption of power always signals one thing, that is the level of going against nature to achieve a thing.  The fans use power to push air down against its wish. The lights are nothing but an artificial illumination to overcome the absence of light. This adds cost to mix. Essentially our electricity bills are the cost we are paying to go against the natural scheme of things.  If its showing increasing trend in units means we are opposing nature more now too.

The power bill apart from taxes and Electricity Consumption also mentions another thing. That thing is called “Connected Load”. The connected load tells the total power allocated to your meter connection. The Fixed Charges are normally levied based on this. The connected load gives some indicator on how much you can consume.  With a connected load of 2kW, you won’t be able to get higher power consumption figures, as you cant consume more than that. Read this bijli bachao article to know more about it.

The game with electricity consumption is the same as that of money. The primary aim is to get more bang for the buck. After you have installed efficient appliances, the prices should drop owing to efficiency gains. If you have a bungalow, then the solar option is open for you and worth setting up a short-term financial goal for it. 


  • Nature is the best ally, learn to live by it more.
  • Be it finances or electricity, efficiency matters.
  • Effectiveness is more important than efficiency. You can be efficient by switching off all lights off in the evenings but it’s not an effective solution.