Recently I received my brand new gaming chair. The chair was from a company called Greensoul. The chair is called the monster series. The gaming chair is often branded in bright colors and weird names by the manufacturers. Also, gaming chair manufacturers boast more about bucket chair feel of their seats. Bucket seats are used in automobiles to keep the rider snugly fit into the seat. Gaming chairs use it to simulate the same feel for racing game enthusiasts.

Chair features:

Apart from branding, other things also matter. The most important thing in that is the armrests. The main differentiating point in armrests is of degrees of freedom it supports. A 4D armrest supports the rotation and 3 spatial directions, whereas 3D ones have only spatial directions. As a result, the chairs with 4D armrests command more premium pricing over other lesser degreed ones.

The height adjusting mechanism and class of gas lift system to have a bearing on price. A Class 4 gas lift can support a heavy person better than class 3 one. A higher class also increases the max weight chair can handle.

The upholstery material also has an impact on comfort. Leather and fabric are common materials used. Greensoul uses fabric as its more cheaper over leatherette. The lumbar support and neck rest is the usual thing on gaming chairs. The foam was claimed to be class 60 foam, and I have no idea what it means. The frame material was metal, this made the assembly easy with pre-drilled holes for screws and all.

My views:

The seat height of 45 cm extendable to 51 cm is adequate for 5 to 6 footers. The comfy but sturdy sponge do give a lot of comforts to the bottom halves. The seat height is modest. This also eliminates the need to high jump onto the seat. The foam was good and was not too soft to become soggy after some time.

For my height of 5 feet 4 inch the neck rest becomes headrest. The full head support of this seat also has the tendency to corrupt you. Because of this chair, I have cultivated the habit of expecting a headrest to support me when I lean back on the office chairs. As a result, the price of that habit gets paid by the neck.

To read on my kindle, I would just recline back, adjust the handrest and read for hours on end. For my syllabus books, I would simply straighten it up and read. Normally from evening 1800 hrs to midnight 0000 hrs is my standard study time. A comfortable seating goes long way towards this experience being discomfort free. Plastic chairs would cause lots of discomforts, the same is true with other padded but not height adjustable chairs. Without the comfort of foam, hard surfaces and lack of support to hands have a tiring effect. Once you get tired, concentration suffers. Sitting in comfort greatly aids in concentrating as uncomfortable things take off the mind from subject to the discomforting thing. The same rule applies to the compounding process too. If you remove hindrances to compounding, growth will be huge.

Never interrupt compounding nor comfort. Comfort aids is concentration and compounding aids in growth.

Extension of Buffett’s Principles