It is common for people to suggest a student to study hard. The hard work is portrayed as a panacea for greatness. He is a rank student because he worked hard. He is a successful entrepreneur because he worked hard in building the business. This hard work is overstressed and understanding is not given proper importance. If the subject to be learned is not understood properly, then its useless in how many hours one studies it. But understanding also takes time. A person with a lesser skill level needs more time invested than a person with greater skill. Hence its necessary to keep in mind some pointers.

Some pointers regarding why its over rated:

  • Hard work is given overrated by society because it can be seen. Humans always prioritize easy visuals than other things that require the use of the brain. Nearly 25% of the brain (the occipital lobe) is dedicated to image processing. So visual cues always get higher preference.
  • Society overrates hard work, just to discourage sheikchilli and mitti ka Madhav of society. But society also has Ganguteli’s too. Ganguteli always works hard but doesn’t bother to understand.
  • Without an understanding of the subject, hard work is useless. The work in understanding a topic is useful. Whereas mindless repetition of work always brings you back to the same starting point. The Raja Bhoj is epic because he works hard to understand.
  • A laborious work to understand helps in future. If you understand the debits and credits intuitively, then personal and corporate finance becomes very easy. If you know how demand and supply works, understanding capital markets become easy.
  • The passion for a topic takes away the burden we feel with doing a thing. Passion is a form of attitude. This can fuel the skills and knowledge required for a topic. This is the reason why we see passionate folks as extremely competent too. The Raja Bhoj is just a manifestation of a passionate guy.

Passion and desire to intuitively understand is key to expertise, not working hard.