February 8,2008

I woke up at 1:00 pm on  and headed to bathroom to get fresh. After a long bathing session under the chilled shower bath I went to food court to have meals. After meals I threw the books out of my Iconic Y! Backpack and dumped some cloths in. I boarded the cab to my office  at 4:00pm dreaming all the time about Udupi. My cab mates were staring at my backpack through out the half hour journey to office as it was unusually large.Later I told them I was going on a tour to Udupi then the staring ended.  Vhicle gate outbound (Wood stock Ambience Parking Lot)

I reached office and started my day with Cup of Espresso and loads of work from my clients as it was 1st week of Feb. I so fast at work that ‘Gops’-my manager was telling me “beta control kar control”. I completed all my tasks in 2hrs  and went for junking with ‘Buffy’-my colleague. We some how passed the time with great difficulty as we were eagerly waiting for clock to tick to 2:30am(the time at which our shift ends).As soon as shift ender I sprinted to Parking lot.10-06-08_1742

(Infosys BPO Bldg 48)

13-06-08_0252(Parking lot)Map below

Map picture

We then set out on Journey to Udupi.

February 9,2008

I boarded the Tata Sumo along with ‘ravan’, ‘virus’, ‘ninja’, etc. There was tempo also as we were nearly 12+ in number. The mind was all the time thinking about my Tempo colleagues. The wheels started rolling on by 3:00 in morning sorry night. After driving some distance in dark every one started boozing except me. After some time they realized I was not in their party they offered me Beer but I rejected it and said ”Tempo’s tires will puncture if I sip”. But they forced me and I was about to take the bottle Tempo’s tires got punctured. After they that incident they have never offered me booze. I gobbled up some chips from Buffy’s Bag as I was genuinely hungry. We reached Chikkamagalur on 8:00am. We had some coffee at a small coffee house on the outskirts of that city.

We had some genuine fun till Chikkamagalur Bus stand as my brain was active and fresh. In chikkamagalur my colleagues took some more booze despite of warning from ‘ninja’. We then had some breakfast at a restaurant and headed to ‘Shiradi Ghats’.

Shiradi GhatWe had just entered the Ghats Section Raj, Buffey and Chu started feeling uncomfortable we just stopped the vehicle and all the things in their stomach started coming out. I then reluctantly boarded the Tempo and sat at front seat as I was also susceptible for vomiting. We drove deep into the jungle and reached a falls near Agumbe. We then trekked through the village. JP leading us was always telling “Innu 10minit walk aste ille hattra ide”. We reached the falls after 2hrs. We had great day at falls. I tried to get near falls and then I stepped on piece of glass which ripped through my toes. I removed the glass and washed my feet in water to my pleasant surprise the bleeding stopped quickly. Then JP told me that ‘clear water heals the injury faster’. Soon after me Virus too got his feet injured by stepping on beer bottle. We enjoyed there for some time. Me and Buffey headed back to cab. We covered the return journey in mere 1hr 15mins this time. Then we continued our journey to Udupi.

We reached Udupi by 9:00 pm. me and some of my colleagues had Fish meals at a dhaba. Later we went to Dracon’s house. There dracon introduced ‘gunda’-his Persian cat to me. The cat and I played a lot which made “Buffey” bit uneasy. Next day morning we went to visit St.Mary’s Island. We passed through the ship yard. Later we hired a boat to island. Enjoyed a lot there. Then we went to beach had some great moments out there. Then we left udupi at 6pm and reached Bangalore at morning 7:30.

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