Often times we come across people who are clearly lacking skills. This causes them to be underpaid. For a programmer, the skill is based on how much code he can write. For an investigator its based on his ability to solve the case. On a broader level, the skill is part of competency mapping. Competency is the product of Knowledge, Skill and Attitude. The skill is the thing that acts as a bridge between your awesome knowledge and great attitude. The skill is also responsible for putting knowledge and attitude in traction. It’s for this reason the employment is based on the skills you have. Be it plumber or software engineer, everyone gets hired for their skills.

Whether you  are plumber, or software engineer, you get hired only for your skills.

But skill alone would not be of use, there the tools come into play. A plumber cannot remove broken tap from its outlet, he needs tools to remove the stuck threadings. For a software engineer, the IDEs are an optional tool (they can write a program in a text editor as it happens in schools), but they are very useful. Most Importantly, With a complete absence of skills, you cannot do anything. So some skills are necessary. The tools too play a major role in augmenting the skills.

Tools: An Antidote if you are lacking skills

This is the main reason why many fail. The attitude prevents tool usage. Skill shortage results in overall competency itself getting affected. With egoistic attitude one ends up being incompetent. Apart from tools, techniques and thumb rules also augment skill shortage. The techniques and thumb rules are short-term fixes, whereas tool usage gives benefits for eternity.

Asian Paints has its Xpress Paint Service where a guy comes with lots of tools for measurements and price fixation. This helps in the cost of the job. A skilled painter can definitely use his massive skills in ascertaining material required, but tool usage by Xpress Paint Service enables an incompetent guy to do a similar job. For a DIY Personal Finance Junkie tool usage helps. With the tool, you can instantly find the asset allocation of goal portfolio, and make necessary adjustments. No need of pulling up all the statements from AMC to do this.

Even during my computer science course, I used NetBeans IDE for project development. Whereas others used to write code in Notepad. This enabled me to code my project on my own. In case building SKDRDP website I went for the ultimate tool of WordPress. This ultimate tool led to the easier transition of the site to HTTPS. I wrote an article on how I did it here.  Despite not being skilled enough for that kind of jobs, I was able to get it. It is so because there was a tool to do it.

  • If you are lacking skills, overcome that handicap by being a supreme tool user.
  • Ultimately the total competence counts, with the right knowledge, attitude and tool, you can compete with skilled.
  • Shortcut techniques and thumb rules help in cases where skill is lacking for a short period of time.
  • Skill is developed by repeated doing of the thing. Normally It doesn’t have an entry barrier called qualification. In simple words – To become a blogger, blog regularly.
  • Tool not only compensating lack of skill also enables a skilled person to become more potent too.
  • talent is nothing but a skill that came from birth or which is an integral part of your personality from time immemorial.
  • You get paid for your skills.