Laptop Security is not some easy task as they are portable hence possess the risk of being lifted off or sensitive data leaks. Hence to protect laptop as well as data inside it, we have to take some precautionary measures. For Physical and data security we have software and hardware tools to accomplish our tasks. Some of tools are given by OS and manufacturer by default. Below are some tips to secure our laptop.
  • Enable BIOS& Setup password and do not use dictionary terms as passwords. E.g.:- your name, pet name or any other things which can be guessed by few minute chat.
    In case of theft the thief cannot use your system or even format HDD and install OS on your system or even disable passwords.
  • Encrypt important sensitive contents on your Disk Drive using encryption software. E.g.:- True Crypt, Bit Locker.
    Encryption ensures that even if thief has access to your system, he cannot use or even open your sensitive data. OS reinstall would render that hard drive space the data covers as waste.
  • Have backup of important documents and software’s, on cloud as well as other portable Hard drive. E.g.:- Dropbox, Portable Apps, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive etc..
    Having back up of things helps you to continue with your normal functioning. Using portable apps you can use your pen drive or dropbox storage to move some of your apps between 2 or more computers. This is safety feature not security feature.
  • Use Kensington Lock for physical security of your system. using this lock ensures that no one can lift your laptop in your absence.
  • Use a strong Internet Security Suite to prevent sniffing by malware. E.g.:- Kaspersky, Norton, ESET, are my top priority vendors for Internet Security Suites.
    Go for Internet Security suite as it comes with not just malware detection but also sniff malware you may browse on sites. Internet Security suites come loads of software tools to safeguard your home network.
  • Have a Firewall for your home network. Firewall acts as 1st line of defence against malware coming through internet. It works as entrance to a castle. E.g.:- Comodo, Zone Alarm.
    Its suggested not to depend on windows firewall. These third party firewalls provide lots of security against malware. Internet Security Suites do come with firewalls but its better to go for independent ones and also have firewall on home router enabled.
  • Use some laptop tracking tools like LAlarm, Prey, LaptopLock as additional line of defence against laptop theft.
At last always remember the ABC of security: “Always Be Careful”. Security begins and ends with you. These tools can’t repair the security mistakes you do. Hence care is very important.

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