Project Experience:

It was long windy start for our project. As we had planned to start we hit the first road block. We didn’t had a “proper problem statement” in place to define what has to be done and what not. After wasting time on irrelevant work we came to know that the main aim of this project was to “experience the marketing” not do it for the sake of marks stuff.
This project needed us to work us with clear goal of experiencing marketing with Proper planning – which we lacked miserably. Improper planning literally set us to work till 2pm in night – which could have been eliminated completely with proper control mechanism and proper planning. This taught us the biggest lesson of our life “The costliest thing in this world not diamond but chaos”.
We somehow completed project and submitted the report. I was feeling paranoid about what would  happen to us as we had defaulted miserably on planning and execution. Some how we pulled it together by kicking our weaknesses apart putting our strengths at one place.
Here is summary of what we have learnt.
  1. Keep off all the elements which weakens us by  hook or crook.
  2. Planning helps us to fend off the future troubles. but it has its own time constraints.
  3. The costliest thing in world is chaos not the diamond.
  4. The management book hold loads of data to improve our efficiency hence they are always “must read” categories not “read during exam” categories.
  5. We can’t achieve big things by working as group. Great things can be accomplished by working as a “Team”.

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