PS: This is a sarcastic post and has no links to actual thing. Like many fathers, mothers have been penning open letters to their daughters, This post is addressed to employer.  😀

Respected Sir,

Sub: My resignation

I would like to quit your organization with immediate effect owing to whole host of causes. It was pleasure being associated with your company. Together we were able to achieve so much.Having experience of working in diverse set of organizations, I will be diving into various poison pits and bright horizons in this letter.


The journey and milestones:

The journey this year has been a rewarding one. We were able to achieve a lot, despite starting on sour note due to demonetization. The WordPress site went live. Then getting it on SSL, and other things have helped immensely.

(The rationale for things I did are mentioned in article written here. This one tells about the first version. This tells about why I chose facebook.)

The WordPress came first, then site was put on SSL to protect privacy, as well as deter comment spam.

The analytics underpinning the site has been there all the while. Event tracking, utm parameters, event based and other goals too are there, for a very long period. Google tag manger and data studio have made reporting and analytics tag management easier. Facebook instant articles makes reading and sharing article breeze. The fb page too acts like touch point for customers, with its verified badge, makes it authentic. (But it’s sad that employees too make org pages causing authenticity problems).

To make things easier for the guy coming after me, I have handover system in place from the beginning itself.(This thing is essential in all mature organizations, otherwise their social media marketing will fall prey)



Earlier in the year, the site was pushed on WordPress and later SSL was enabled. The 2 were done to make the site indexable as SSL is one of the ranking factor in Google. WordPress and it’s plugins like yoast seo, help in indexability of the site. With sitemaps given to Google, crawler can access the site easily. SSL secures the site as it creates separate secure tunnel between user and the site every time user loads the site. SSL also speeds up site as content moves swiftly with HTTP 2 protocol bring used instead of HTTP 1.1.


Analytics is the key part here, and it’s been used ever since I joined this organization. To be precise I made site go live on analytics on 21st match 2014. Its contribution in decision making has been immense. Even my knowledge in it has grown by leeps and bounds. (Here are some articles I have written on analytics). With goals like engaged visitor, reader, news read most valuable metrics for us namely high page or visits customers, customers reading news, customers browsing for more than 5 minutes on site can be easily guaged. These goals do help in identifying our sticky visitors and their sources too.(Search is top traffic source for us.) These fall under conversion tracking of analytics. The analytics helps in understanding our audience, source used by these audience and site interaction.

Social Media:

Since majority of our customers access our site from mobile, is essential to make our site mobile friendly. Bootstrap is one of the tool. But it was heavy hence site went live on Facebook instant articles for blog posts and other pages served by mobile site. Fbia makes the display of articles like success story and news items faster. Also fbia increases appeal for fb users to like the page to keep track of updates. Though fb sends lower traffic, still it creates engagement for the brand. The articles does get read, but fb is more captive for images than articles. Also the fb page being verified makes it, authorised source to get clarification. For example, many job applicants, have asked clarifications when ever hiring message was advertised on page. But there is one threat to authenticity, its from pages of other employees, since these pages are not on business manager account, it leads to confusion in minds of people and end result of this neither official nor the employee page can claim authenticity.

Succession planning:

Succession planning is one of the important thing for organizations, specially for social media roles. In organizations people come and go, but leaving of one shouldn’t create problems for next one. These employees page, and improper handovers create such succession planning troubles. Its for these reasons there will be admins overseeing such transitions, in case of admin stepping down, there will be immediate promotion of subordinate with adequate training provided by current admin (usually over 1 month duration). In case of passwords handover, password database of old person can be given to new one along with opening master key for new comer. These things will help new comer to settle quickly, without losing access to any of the important legacy things. (Unfortunately this was not the case, when I arrived)

The Downhill ride:

Despite of so much work being accomplished, there were constant distractions. These unfortunately acquired poisonous characters. The current decision is because of these poison pits.

  • Overdriven focus on my caffeine consumption (hardly anything there too write about, except lemon tea thing which would certainly help in reducing belly sizes.) than on the history being established in the website. It appears like a conductor having opinion on driving skill of driver. What happens beneath cannot be seen by a conductor/passenger/user, that also greatly reduced the value of opinion too.
  • Spying like a girl’s dad on whom the girl meets, forgetting the fact that she might be meeting to exchange notes not to do kutchie koo.( Spying happens on site I am visiting, not on what I was reading in that darned site. they would have learnt a lot about if they had spied on content I am reading.) Though not a big deal, spying involves time, wasting it simply means less time goes for work. Since I allocate spare time for reading, I simply get more knowledge than the people spying (basics of time management).
  • Complaining like a kid about mobile usage, but forgetting the fact the Facebook groups, quoras, evernotes, stack overflows, feedlies (all on my mobile) which were actually powering the technologies behind the site. In simple words, site grew because my knowledge grew with it. Its just making the reading more efficient. Feedly being my primary feed reader with reading list curated since 2009, its one of the biggest source of my knowledge. Even this letter was drafted on Evernote, which also my primary note taking and memory management app. Stack overflow is the reason behind cash collection Android app getting completed. Firewall blocking on desktop means these apps feed knowledge to me via my mobile. (I don’t find merit in having TOR to build tunneling connection, to circumvent the firewall)
  • Not to mention the usual dialog “yavaglu Kindle nodta irtira”,  losing sight of book called “the design of everyday things”  a book on interface design being read in that Kindle. A website is after all an interface itself. It has other to-read books like about face, designing web usability, GUI bloopers, don’t make me think, Avinash Kaushik’s analytics book etc… Which can transform website like anything. Like feedly, the books too are sources of knowledge, and impart lot more knowledge than the feeds. I could solve problem of site in past quickly because of the knowledge learned via books, and reading it is also more productive use of time. The first bootstrap version of site was built because of codecademy module on it. Now doing it next to impossible, due to firewall blocking.
  • Penny wise and pound foolish behavior of hurried publishing, when distribution mediums of newsletters and Facebook have inherent delays built into them. It doesn’t matter whether post goes live at 9 or 4. It gets maximum reach only on next day. If you have gone through report of data studio shared, the traffic to news is not significant at all. If scroll to news section is not much significant, there is no use of putting undue effort on propping it up. Also the people liking the post in fb are not necessarily clicking on article to read.
  • Act of showing work even when the work done is detrimental to organization!!!! Forcing this flawed philosophy down my throat, is quiet irritating. Its possible to make the site in HTML and waste lot of time in writing bare-bone HTML code in net beans. But such display of “hardworking” comes at cost of search authority. The site’s of siri and suraksha were hideous because of HTML itself, even search engine crawlers hated the sites. A WordPress site which rules over search landscape but reduces work is lot better than HTML site which has heavy workload.
  • Cornering without having data of visitor dynamics.Newbies often make mistakes of taking the biased data at face value when it is available or relying on the hunches when data is unavailable. I used to get cornered on these hunches often. Though this was bit amusing but also quiet irritating too. Since I spend huge amounts of time in analytics, I am very well aware of site’s MAU (it’s 2.5k for site). But acting as if it’s 100k MAU site without having data quickly turns to irritation. Diffusing such situation with tricks of psychology is also not sustainable.

Due to such a load of irritants and future costs they have placed on me, I would prefer to exit. Thank You for hearing me out patiently. Hope such irritants are acted upon to avoid further damages from them. I wish the best for organization.

Yours Sincerely