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On 16th September 2010 we visited Walchandnagar Industries Ltd., TIWAC Division. The purpose of visit to make us aware of OD Process in TIWAC once sick unit nearing closure now running good.

What is organization development?

Organization Development(OD) is a planned, organization-wide effort to increase an organization’s effectiveness and viability.

Organization Development at TIWAC

TIWAC was once very sick unit. Right from its beginning itself the unit ran into trouble. The first thing we notice about TIWAC is the determination of its employees and founders to keep the unit running despite of adversities. The major learning from the visit are
  1. Quality is important. Customers and people admire you, only if you produce quality products.
  2. If you are honest, Even a militant trade union can’t break you.
  3. OD happens if all people in organization are willing to change.
  4. Its important to train all employees of an organization to “change”.
  5. Solution to organization problems lies in boundary of the problem.
  6. TIWAC was able to turnaround because in its innate ability to reverse engineer the products
  7. Technology is to aid workers in doing the things better not for retrenching them.
  8. TIWAC Quickly changed its production to Pressure and Temperature Gauges when it saw demand for those things over Mechanical Alarm Clocks.
  9. The director of TIWAC Discussed industry trends with his competitors, hence they were able to fight adverse impact of change.
  10. TIWAC always exceeded the quality standards set by industry hence customers were always in good terms with them.
  11. TIWAC made sure that industry never felt sick, hence it helped other sick units to turnaround.

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