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Things to read for this weekend


  • Pursuit of Happiness – Subramoney – Some tips to help you prioritize your life. I deal read for those who are always on a run.


  • What is the difference between Segmentation and Personalization? Read more: What is the difference between Segmentation and Personalization?
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Things to read for this weekend

Personal Finance:

  • Why I Don’t Talk About My Stocks Publicly, And Why You Shouldn’t Either – Safal Niveshak – Tells about how the fallacy of taking a public stand leads to ruin for investor. The public stand doesn’t allow one to change his mind when the facts of investments change (which can happen in weeks/days time too!!!!).
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Things to read for this weekend

Personal Finances and Investing

  • Investing in shares HURT badly – Subramoney – Explains the churning one must go through to be an equity investor. The pain one encounters in holding off and selling equities. Remember in equities no pain means no gain.
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Social Media Marketing: The Art of guerrilla selling

We come across people trying to sell us various things. Since every organization survives on its goods being sold, marketing and sales become very important parts of an organization. As sales become important for survival, it also poses a moral hazard.… read more

The dawn of new era in SKDRDP website

Change is only constant in this world. Till 19th April 2017 the SKDRDP site was in its fresher university graduate version with HTML structure. The only professional feature in was that it was built on Twitter’s bootstrap framework to give proper mobile and tablet optimized view.… read more

AIFW Personal Finance Planning Steps

Here is Personal Finance Planning steps that would help you in managing your finances. These Personal Finance Planning Steps are from the Personal Finance Guru Ashal himself.

How many of you do agree that your personal finance life is cluttered, complex, aimless?… read more

For any instrument safety is determined by knowledge of underlying risk.

-Pattu Sir, Freefincal

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Headlamp types and Portfolio Types

(Image Credits: Team BHP)

The headlamps of vehicles come in 2 varieties, one is reflector types and other one is projector type. In reflector type the reflector reflects light falling on it, by light source. The light source is infront of it, and reflector arrangement is nothing but concave mirrors sitting behind the light source.… read more

How to wolf down a laddoo and financial emergency.

(credits: Manjula’s Kitchen)

Financial Emergency is like a laddoo, if swallowed like a novice, its going to be your undoing. Thats why you normally get gyany responses like “bite only as much as you can chew” etc..… read more

Website Loading: Basics of Authentication and Encryption – Part 2

(Credits: Flickr, patriziasoliani)

In the previous part of Website Loading series, I explained about application layer, the protocols that operate in it. That article told the basic grunt of work done by HTTP and DNS system.… read more

Tax Saving is icing on the cake, not the cake in itself.

-Ashal Jauhari (Asan Ideas for Wealth)

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Website Loading: What happens when you type www.google.com – part 1

(Credits: Flickr, patriziasoliani)

Whenever a person types in www.google.com in his address bar, behind the scene lots of works happen to load the website of Google. The the very act of website loading requires proper functioning of various elements of technology stack.… read more

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