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2 types of security

When we operate on the internet, there are 2 basic questions about security. First is ‘are we dealing with the correct person?’. The Second one ‘is the communication channel being safe and free from eavesdropping?’. The question of dealing with the correct person is, therefore, part of endpoint security.… read more

Metaphors – makes tough thing easy

Metaphors are the most powerful language constructs. Every successful teacher uses this excessively while teaching a complex subject matter. Many of the major inventions had benefitted from this system. James Watt’s invention of Steam Engine is a by-product of weird behavior shown by his kettle.… read more

Certain Risk = Hajmati

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How to cleanse the political system?

Election after election, we commonly hear about goons getting elected. Nowadays the news columns are often filled with some politician’s child brandishing a gun in public. We get repulsed by this news and utter “politics is for goons”, and go about our business.… read more

my opinion on Gaming Chair and its Ergonomics

Recently I received my brand new gaming chair. The chair was from a company called Greensoul. The chair is called the monster series. The gaming chair is often branded in bright colors and weird names by the manufacturers.… read more

It is common for people to suggest a student to study hard. The hard work is portrayed as a panacea for greatness. He is a rank student because he worked hard. He is a successful entrepreneur because he worked hard in building the business.… read more

Oftentimes we come across “If you had invested X amount back in XXXX (enter year of your choice) you would have amassed Y amount by now”. This is the most common line used to sell financial products and investment ideas.… read more

The Software Development Process -How to build a peice of software?

Some days ago, there was an intense debate in AIFW on a Forbes Article. The Article was on how India is leaving behind rest of the world in adopting technologies to aid in governance. Since India Stack is resting primarily on Aadhar, its detractors immediately pounced on the article.… read more

A tale of Curse & Personal Finances

Some days ago, A bad dream woke me up way early in the morning. In the dream, someone had done black magic to bring my family down. The people doing it were jealous of progress we had achieved.… read more

There was a philosophical discussion on AIFW yesterday. The discussion was about splurging by dependent. A father earns hard to put money into Sukanya Samriddhi Account, and daughter splurges that corpus (when she becomes eligible for withdrawal.… read more

Personal and Business Accounting

My journey in personal finances started with Excel Based Expense Tracking System I Instituted in October 2007. Back then I had no knowledge of double-entry accounting hence dabbled in products like Quicken, Microsoft Money, YNAB etc…(Microsoft money review) My entry into MBA in 2009 opened gates of double entry accounting.… read more

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