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Lacking skills? overcome it with Tools

Often times we come across people who are clearly lacking skills. This causes them to be underpaid. For a programmer, the skill is based on how much code he can write. For an investigator its based on his ability to solve the case.… read more

The Price NAV difference of ETFs

Yesterday I was going through a video by Pattu Sir on ETFs and Index Funds.  It talked mostly about Price NAV difference. The Price NAV difference primarily occurs due to Demand Supply dynamics that are present in an ETF.… read more

The Blogs I follow

Being an avid reader in many fields,  I follow lots of blogs regularly. This article lists some of the personal finance blogs I read as well as share on social media.

  1. Bala Blogs: Its fun to read a critique by an intelligent person, it widens the perspective.
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Getting Asset back on track

Some time back, I had to take control of the rooms to get the asset back on track. I had to jump in as the things got so out of hand. This post is the story of setting the rooms, an asset back on track.… read more

Classes of people and Innovation

The world can be divided into various kinds of classes. Some can be on knowledge of savings, some can be the response to innovation, some can be on geographic placement etc… There is psychological classification like INTJ, ISTP, ESFJ etc..… read more

How to treat Lakshmi so she stays with you.

Wish you all a happy Diwali and Bali Paadyami. The festivities of Diwali is done by commoners to call Lakshmi (The goddess of wealth) to their house. Some by their luck, even being able to get her to visit.… read more

The link between reading and writing

Being an eternal student, I do spend a lot of my time reading stuff. Despite reading a lot of stuff on investing I still had no confidence in my ability to pick stocks. Once I started going through CS course materials, I was able to recollect various books I had read and their words would come alive in front of me.… read more

Electricity Consumption and Money

Yesterday I conducted a small poll on AIFW trying to figure out the power consumed by various members in their households. most fell under 300+ units category and other biggest polling was for 150-200 units. Figures like this are like rich-poor divide.… read more

Some days ago in AIFW, there was a brouhaha over govt issuing directions to RBI with the intention of disciplining it. The media, (since it was against Modi) it picked the fight by the usual statement of “This has been never done before”.… read more

How to value your Insurance Policy? Ways to compare it with FD/RD etc…

If a newbie enters a finance forum like AIFW and starts posting gungaan of his endowment policy, ULIP, he is definitely going to be ridiculed and mocked. This ridicule is due to expert’s knowledge of concept called discounted cash flow and items permeating the world of valuation.… read more

Brexit and Third Person view of Behavioral Tantrums

This is a small post explaining about much-touted Brexit which happened in 2016. It’s kind of my view of seeing through the lens of a psychiatrist. Read the retelling of Brexit hoopla with caste and family angle, which exposes the subtle behavioural cues which we are seeing in media.… read more

The consumer and businessman views of a Business

A couple of days ago I came across a post on direct plan portals going free on freefincal. The discussion that followed the article showed the way a consumer views a business. Since I have gone through a bit of competitive strategy by Michael Porter, it alters my view significantly.… read more

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