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Electricity Consumption and Money

Yesterday I conducted a small poll on AIFW trying to figure out the power consumed by various members in their households. most fell under 300+ units category and other biggest polling was for 150-200 units. Figures like this are like rich-poor divide.… read more

Some days ago in AIFW, there was a brouhaha over govt issuing directions to RBI with the intention of disciplining it. The media, (since it was against Modi) it picked the fight by the usual statement of “This has been never done before”.… read more

How to value your Insurance Policy? Ways to compare it with FD/RD etc…

If a newbie enters a finance forum like AIFW and starts posting gungaan of his endowment policy, ULIP, he is definitely going to be ridiculed and mocked. This ridicule is due to expert’s knowledge of concept called discounted cash flow and items permeating the world of valuation.… read more

Brexit and Third Person view of Behavioral Tantrums

This is a small post explaining about much-touted Brexit which happened in 2016. It’s kind of my view of seeing through the lens of a psychiatrist. Read the retelling of Brexit hoopla with caste and family angle, which exposes the subtle behavioural cues which we are seeing in media.… read more

The consumer and businessman views of a Business

A couple of days ago I came across a post on direct plan portals going free on freefincal. The discussion that followed the article showed the way a consumer views a business. Since I have gone through a bit of competitive strategy by Michael Porter, it alters my view significantly.… read more

On Apples to Orange comparison on buying a House vs Investing the money

Some time ago, I came across an amusing conversation in AIFW. It was on – Buying a House vs invest the EMI amount in the mutual fund. It was amusing for me because Pattu Sir and Ashal too got taught about investing in that thread.… read more

My thoughts on amusing thing called “they are selling data”

I often hear on Facebook about “they are selling data” in discussions involving direct plan portals. Most of the time discussion is initiated by the distributor hitmen, as they are the ones to lose most by this direct plan thing.… read more

Things to read for the weekend

Personal Finance:

  • Where is the Sensex headed? – Subra Money – An immaterial question. The important thing, what will you do when it reaches a certain point. the market is made up of bull runs, interruptions, and bear runs.
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And I call it Quits – My resignation letter & basics of being web admin.

PS: This resignation letter is just footnotes integrated into the main body of the resignation letter. It has no link to actual events around me.

Respected Sir,

Sub: Resignation

I would like to quit the services of this company effective from 9th of March ____.… read more

Things to read for the weekend

Internal Linking:

  • Internal linking for SEO – Yoast – Explains why internal links are needed in search authority. How to go about it. and various important tips about it.

Self Development:

  • Lessons from language learning – Cognicrafting – A set of lessons for a person who wants to learn a new language.
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Things to read for this weekend

General Knowledge:

  • What’s Actually Inside a Tide Pod? – Wired -Tells the various constituent of Tide Pods detergent, which is currently at a eye of storm owing to its abuse.

Personal Development:

  • The Art of Asking Good Questions – Safal Niveshak – Socratic questioning is systematic, disciplined, and deep, and usually focuses on fundamental concepts, principles, theories, issues, or problems.
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Things to read for this weekend


  • Snowden’s New App turns your Phone into a Home Security System – Wired – An app for those who are paranoid about security and physical privacy.
  • How the Government hides Secret Surveillance Programs – Wired – Details about parallel construction.
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