It was Sunday night, I was eagerly waiting for my new shiny beasty Dell Studio 1558 to arrive. As soon as my house bell rang “Jai Shree Ram” I jumped out by bed and ran to welcome home the beast. I kept the “lappy” in front of idol for a while and took it inside.

I booted the computer. It booted quickly thanks to its massive hardware power it has. I was pissed at it because entire disk space of 500GB was made 1 partition.  It couldn’t be shrunk to size less than 160 GB because logical drives can’t be shrunk beyond the point where unmovable files are loaded. I was pissed with this thing and decided to format my entire hard drive. I checked what all software’s which needed to be backed up but didn’t find any. I deleted all the logical drives including the factory restoration drive and installed the fresh copy of Windows 7 Home Premium from the disk shipped with the laptop. The OS Installed within 15mins. After that, I started testing the components. Below is the results of various tests.

System Configuration

Processing power

Processor: Intel Core i3 350M @ 2.26GHz (2 Cores, 4 Threads, 3MB L3 Cache, 32mn Fabrication)

Graphics: ATI Mobility Radeon HD4570(80 Shaders, Shader Model 4.1, 680MHz Shader clock , 512MB GDDR3, 800MHz Memory Clock, 55nm Fabrication) PCI x16, 64bit bus

Storage Capacity

Disk Drives: HDD: 500GB SATA300 @ 7200RPM, 16MB Cache.
Optical Disk Drive: Slot loading 8x DVD +/- R/RW DL Drive(SATA150, 2MB Cache)
Flash Memory: 1x SD Card Slot
RAM: 4GB DDR3 1333MHz RAM(Running at 1066MHz for Arrandale CPU)

Connectivity Options

Bluetooth: Dell  Wireless 365 Bluetooth module
Wi-Fi: Dell Wireless 1520(802.11 a/b/g/n) WLAN Half Mini Card
Ethernet: 1x 100Mbps Ethernet Port
USB: 3x USB 2.0( 1x Shared with e-SATA Combo)
Sound: 1x Mic In, 2x Speaker Out
Other: 1x IEEE1394

Other features include 720p LED Backlit Brightview screen. Multi touch trackpad. And Standard Keyboard without numpad.

System Ratings

Lets start the system ratings by Microsoft Index itself.

Microsoft Windows Experience Index

The base score for this system is 5.0. Which means that this system is capable of CPU Intensive tasks. My Old Laptop had score of 2.6 which is considered to be ideal marks for office productivity tasks. The Break out of different options are.

Processor: Calculations per second is rated: 6.2
Memory: Memory operations per second is rated: 5.9
Graphics: Desktop performance for Windows Aero is rated: 5.0
Gaming Graphics: 3D Business and Gaming Graphics performance is rated: 6.2
Primary Hard Disk: Disk data transfer rate is rated: 5.9

Futuremark Suites

The PCMark Vantage marks for my old system stood at 1331 PCMarks. This computer returned pretty sexy score of 4760 PCMarks. Config of my old laptop is Celeron D @ 1.6GHz, 1.5GB DDR2 RAM, 80GB SATA150 HDD. Intel GMA Graphics(4Pixel Shader,1 Vertex Shader).

The 3DMark 06 marks of my old system stood at 149 3D Marks. This system had totally different marks all together. The marks of this system was 3931 3D Marks.

Cinebench 11

The Cinebench scores for my old system were nil for Open GL and 0.37 in CPU Tests. The new system scored 3.97 in Open GL and 1.80 in CPU Tests. Which is pretty decent scores if we consider Quad Core’s getting around 4 or 5 in CPU Category.


See the pictures of my laptop. These are taken from my Nokia 2600 Classic handset hence pics will be grainy.

 Image019Lappy in totalityright sideLeft Side Image022 Image023Image011

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