Can you hear me now? You bet I can, and in HD, A nice article on Apple’s introduction of wideband audio in iPhone 5.

The Mobile/Social/Local/Cloud Land Grab Is Over, Now its its time to deliver killer apps not release any thing. Now the markets are stabilizing.

Why You And Your Favorite Web Sites Will Feel The Pain If “Do Not Track” Passes, Totally agree with this article. In order to show right ads the site needs to know about you. This ads system works on principle “ If you don not tell me about yourself, I can’t guess about your preferences and display right ads”. The “Do Not Track” feature is going to kill that. Read the article to know the technicalities on this subject.

How To: Google Analytics Installation For Novices & Beginners, This article is worth bookmarking, only if you are novice in the world of blogging.

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