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Things to read for this weekend

General Knowledge:

  • What’s Actually Inside a Tide Pod? – Wired -Tells the various constituent of Tide Pods detergent, which is currently at a eye of storm owing to its abuse.

Personal Development:

  • The Art of Asking Good Questions – Safal Niveshak – Socratic questioning is systematic, disciplined, and deep, and usually focuses on fundamental concepts, principles, theories, issues, or problems.
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Things to read for this weekend

Personal Finance:

  • Why I Don’t Talk About My Stocks Publicly, And Why You Shouldn’t Either – Safal Niveshak – Tells about how the fallacy of taking a public stand leads to ruin for investor. The public stand doesn’t allow one to change his mind when the facts of investments change (which can happen in weeks/days time too!!!!).
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