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Blogging: Reminiscing my decade in it

The History

I began a journey on the 12th of October 2009. Subhas sir had casually asked in the class – “why don’t you guys start blogging?”. Blogging assignments became mandatory later on. Luckily, I had started blogging way before.… read more

Things to read for the weekend

Personal Finance
  • Forget Buffettisms/Mungerisms: try these 2000 year old personal finance tips! – Free Fincal – All the important finance tips, distilled into 1 article.
Entrepreneurship & Personal Development
  • Innovation is guts plus generosity – Seth Godin – Innovation and entrepreneurship.
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My thoughts on amusing thing called “they are selling data”

I often hear on Facebook about “they are selling data” in discussions involving direct plan portals. Most of the time discussion is initiated by the distributor hitmen, as they are the ones to lose most by this direct plan thing.… read more

And I call it Quits – My resignation letter & basics of being web admin.

PS: This resignation letter is just footnotes integrated into the main body of the resignation letter. It has no link to actual events around me.

Respected Sir,

Sub: Resignation

I would like to quit the services of this company effective from 9th of March ____.… read more

Things to read for this weekend

General Knowledge:

  • What’s Actually Inside a Tide Pod? – Wired -Tells the various constituent of Tide Pods detergent, which is currently at a eye of storm owing to its abuse.

Personal Development:

  • The Art of Asking Good Questions – Safal Niveshak – Socratic questioning is systematic, disciplined, and deep, and usually focuses on fundamental concepts, principles, theories, issues, or problems.
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My resignation letter 2017 edition

PS: This is a sarcastic post and has no links to actual thing. Like many fathers, mothers have been penning open letters to their daughters, This post is addressed to employer.  😀

Respected Sir,

Sub: My resignation

I would like to quit your organization with immediate effect owing to whole host of causes.… read more

Things to read for this weekend


  • Pursuit of Happiness – Subramoney – Some tips to help you prioritize your life. I deal read for those who are always on a run.


  • What is the difference between Segmentation and Personalization? Read more: What is the difference between Segmentation and Personalization?
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Things to read for this weekend

Personal Finance:

  • Why I Don’t Talk About My Stocks Publicly, And Why You Shouldn’t Either – Safal Niveshak – Tells about how the fallacy of taking a public stand leads to ruin for investor. The public stand doesn’t allow one to change his mind when the facts of investments change (which can happen in weeks/days time too!!!!).
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Decision Making and Google Analytics

Decision making is the most often done thing in the field of websites, be it trivial decision of  ‘which colour to render the website and its elements?’ or important ones like ‘how to target the site specific audience?’.… read more

8 Handy and Powerful Web Resources I Use Most

The internet is filled with wide varieties of websites, ranging from static websites to powerful dynamic sites like Google, Facebook. With rise in social networking and ease of access to data, along with huge data generated by our own activities, Its difficult to manage them.… read more

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