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Things to read for the weekend

Marketing, Surveys
  • Sneaky¬†surveys (and push polls) – Seth Godin – Are surveys useful? Points to remember when doing surveys.
  • Too¬†big to care – Seth Godin – If your brands become too big- to show that you care, you need to staff to show that, not policies.
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Metaphors – makes tough thing easy

Metaphors are the most powerful language constructs. Every successful teacher uses this excessively while teaching a complex subject matter. Many of the major inventions had benefitted from this system. James Watt’s invention of Steam Engine is a by-product of weird behavior shown by his kettle.… read more

The link between reading and writing

Being an eternal student, I do spend a lot of my time reading stuff. Despite reading a lot of stuff on investing I still had no confidence in my ability to pick stocks. Once I started going through CS course materials, I was able to recollect various books I had read and their words would come alive in front of me.… read more

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