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My resignation letter 2017 edition

PS: This is a sarcastic post and has no links to actual thing. Like many fathers, mothers have been penning open letters to their daughters, This post is addressed to employer.  😀

Respected Sir,

Sub: My resignation

I would like to quit your organization with immediate effect owing to whole host of causes.… read more

Resurrecting the Social for SKDRDP with Facebook Page Insights

In my previous article my one month stand with SKDRDP, I explained how I had go about bringing SKDRDP website on track, The ordeal I had to go through to introduce analytics.

This article will be dealing with the dawn of Social on SKDRDP.… read more

Tech news makers this month.(March 2013)

This month had lots of news worthy pieces. Here are some of the Top News as well as some of great topics I came across.

The News makers:

  1. Facebook acquires Storylane, a story-telling platform (Giga Om)
  2. Facebook Launches Feeds For Photos, Music, Friends-Only, And More (Techcrunch)
  3. Apple and Intel Have Reportedly Discussed Deal for Production of Future iPhone and iPad Chips (Mac Rumors)
  4. Bradley Manning provides more evidence of why we need a media entity like WikiLeaks (Giga Om)
  5. Should you be worried about the new “six strikes” anti-piracy rules?
read more

Facebook Messenger for Windows

Earlier today TechCrunch leaked a news about Facebook’s messenger for windows. Later it was reported that facebook has officially unveiled the Messenger for Windows as download link in its help center. Which can also be directly downloaded from this link.… read more

Get “in line” with Facebook Timeline

Facebook introduced a new concept of profile called as “Timeline” for select few Facebook developers at f8 developer conference. The procedure for getting timeline activated was leaked on web by some journalists. Due to its very complex procedures involved in activating it only few tech geeks like me activated the new feature.… read more

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