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Tag: Google Analytics

The dawn of new era in SKDRDP website

Change is only constant in this world. Till 19th April 2017 the SKDRDP site was in its fresher university graduate version with HTML structure. The only professional feature in was that it was built on Twitter’s bootstrap framework to give proper mobile and tablet optimized view.… read more

Decision Making and Google Analytics

Decision making is the most often done thing in the field of websites, be it trivial decision of  ‘which colour to render the website and its elements?’ or important ones like ‘how to target the site specific audience?’.… read more

8 Handy and Powerful Web Resources I Use Most

The internet is filled with wide varieties of websites, ranging from static websites to powerful dynamic sites like Google, Facebook. With rise in social networking and ease of access to data, along with huge data generated by our own activities, Its difficult to manage them.… read more

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