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Blogging: Reminiscing my decade in it

The History

I began a journey on the 12th of October 2009. Subhas sir had casually asked in the class – “why don’t you guys start blogging?”. Blogging assignments became mandatory later on. Luckily, I had started blogging way before.… read more

how I did, selecting mutual fund for the 1st time?

I started off my journey into equities by directly plunging into direct equity. It started off with random stock picking and hoping for miracle to make money (not the recommended way). One day I got a mail from my broker where they told about various investment products one of which was mutual funds.… read more

Getting Started with Mutual Funds

Over the course of time,I am having lots of people asking me lots of basic questions about Mutual Funds. Since I have less time go through each of their questions repeatedly, here is some info to help you in getting started with mutual funds.… read more

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