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Things to read for the weekend

Personal Finance
  • Forget Buffettisms/Mungerisms: try these 2000 year old personal finance tips! – Free Fincal – All the important finance tips, distilled into 1 article.
Entrepreneurship & Personal Development
  • Innovation¬†is guts plus generosity – Seth Godin – Innovation and entrepreneurship.
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How to wolf down a laddoo and financial emergency.

Financial Emergency is like a laddoo, if swallowed like a novice, its going to be your undoing. Thats why you normally get gyany responses like “bite only as much as you can chew” etc.. To get rid of half gyan you have accumulated through the years this post tells you “how to wolf down a laddoo”.… read more

Investing in equities and equity mf’s is like getting married. You need to think of long term to get it work.


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Double Entry Accounting & Personal Finance

The double entry accounting practice started a long time ago, is one of the most powerful accounting practice. According to this system there is always 2 accounts, which must be settled for transaction to happen. One account forms the To part which gets Debited, and other account forms the From part which gets Credited.The… read more

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