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On Apples to Orange comparison on buying a House vs Investing the money

Some time ago, I came across an amusing conversation in AIFW. It was on – Buying a House vs invest the EMI amount in the mutual fund. It was amusing for me because Pattu Sir and Ashal too got taught about investing in that thread.… read more

Things to read for this weekend


  • Snowden’s New App turns your Phone into a Home Security System – Wired – An app for those who are paranoid about security and physical privacy.
  • How the Government hides Secret Surveillance Programs – Wired – Details about parallel construction.
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Things to read for this weekend

Personal Finance:

  • Why I Don’t Talk About My Stocks Publicly, And Why You Shouldn’t Either – Safal Niveshak – Tells about how the fallacy of taking a public stand leads to ruin for investor. The public stand doesn’t allow one to change his mind when the facts of investments change (which can happen in weeks/days time too!!!!).
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Things to read for this weekend

Personal Finances and Investing

  • Investing in shares HURT badly – Subramoney – Explains the churning one must go through to be an equity investor. The pain one encounters in holding off and selling equities. Remember in equities no pain means no gain.
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AIFW Personal Finance Planning Steps

Here is Personal Finance Planning steps that would help you in managing your finances. These Personal Finance Planning Steps are from the Personal Finance Guru Ashal himself.

How many of you do agree that your personal finance life is cluttered, complex, aimless?… read more

How to wolf down a laddoo and financial emergency.

Financial Emergency is like a laddoo, if swallowed like a novice, its going to be your undoing. Thats why you normally get gyany responses like “bite only as much as you can chew” etc.. To get rid of half gyan you have accumulated through the years this post tells you “how to wolf down a laddoo”.… read more

Some of Personal Finance Acronyms

Personal Finance Acronyms

Many times you would have come across personal finance acronyms on leading personal finance group on Facebook “Asan Ideas of Wealth” and couldn’t make head or tail of it. Here is list of personal finance acronyms/catch words and their expansion/meaning.… read more

Getting Started with Mutual Funds

Over the course of time,I am having lots of people asking me lots of basic questions about Mutual Funds. Since I have less time go through each of their questions repeatedly, here is some info to help you in getting started with mutual funds.… read more

Uncertainty & Risk

Uncertainty & Risk are 2 towers of Statistical World. Uncertainty is like dark lord sauron who could take the land underneath your feat, risk is just a evil wizard.
the statistical definitions of both are.
Risk is when we don’t know the outcome, but we know the probabilistic distribution of outcomes.… read more

Investing in equities and equity mf’s is like getting married. You need to think of long term to get it work.


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Some Personal Finance tools to manage complexity

My journey of personal finance started in 2007 when I saw my uncle keep track of all his expenses in Excel spreadsheet. The idea of using Excel as Personal Finance Tool got me inspired and I too started keeping track of my expenses in excel spreadsheets.… read more

Some Personal Finance Blogs to Follow

I started my life as a ‘money saver’ from august 2013 by purchasing 1000 rupees NSC from savings I had done in my stay at Bangalore. After NSC I could expand my tentacles upto banking only.… read more

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