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Things to read for this weekend

SEO, Analytics
  • Link Building Fundamentals via @martinibuster – Search Engine Journal – Basics of Link Building, and contains a link to download the e-book at the end.
General Technology, Politics
  • Open parentheses – Seth Godin – Every new thing after some time becomes stale.
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How to cleanse the political system?

Election after election, we commonly hear about goons getting elected. Nowadays the news columns are often filled with some politician’s child brandishing a gun in public. We get repulsed by this news and utter “politics is for goons”, and go about our business.… read more

Why educated masses shouldn’t vote? A case study on FDI of Retail

In December last year, There was heated debate on whether to set the FDI limit in Multi-Brand retail to 51% or not. Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Trinamool Congress (TMC), were primarily opposing this bill. The ruling United Progressive Alliance (UPA) wanted this bill to be passed to save its face from continuous onslaught on the issue of being impotent in decision making (p.s:… read more

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