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Some articles for this weekend

Can you hear me now? You bet I can, and in HD, A nice article on Apple’s introduction of wideband audio in iPhone 5.

The Mobile/Social/Local/Cloud Land Grab Is Over, Now its its time to deliver killer apps not release any thing.… read more

Resources to read weekend

Some of the articles covering the news highlights and Blogging tips to read this weekend.

Blogging / Social Networking Tips

  • How to Manage What Job Recruiters See About You Via Social Media : (Stay on Search) The article is must read for Job Seekers as it equips them with basics of Online Reputation Management.
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Google launches Knowledge Graph

Today I read an announcement from Google. It was called as “Knowledge Graph”. This knowledge graph concept immediately took my attention because, It was like AI system which could understand me whenever I search Taj Mahal on Google.… read more

Infosys BPO Images

You are reading an Article by Harsha Ankola, originally posted on Harsha’s Tech Space. If you have enjoyed this post, be sure to follow Harsha on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.… read more

Harsha’s Tour of Udupi

February 8,2008

I woke up at 1:00 pm on  and headed to bathroom to get fresh. After a long bathing session under the chilled shower bath I went to food court to have meals. After meals I threw the books out of my Iconic Y!… read more

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