A weak ago I signed up for Tata DoCoMo Photon+ Mobile Internet Service. I had to settle for DoCoMo because BSNL EVDO modems were in short supply in my city. Initially contacted Airtel(Airtel Office), Vodafone(Univercell), and DoCoMo(local shop) for plans. The Airtel and Vodafone were 3G Plans with 2GB free usage, DoCoMo was 2G plan with 10GB of data usage. Unwillingly I decided to go for DoCoMo as shop was nearby and initial plan seemed good bargain for me.

My Expectations with any ISP’s

There are always some stand set of expectations with any ISP’s I normally choose.

  • I always hate Fair Usage Policy(FUP). Also I hate as well as avoid the ISP offering it.
  • I expect freedom of browsing. my browsing doesn’t restrict to just HTTP or HTTPS protocols. I use multitude of other protocols. Hence I prefer to go for ISP’s which open access to all ports and protocols on it.(For security firewall will be there)
  • I use huge amount of data, in the form of downloads, news reading, photo sharing, video streaming. Any plans which are not measured in GB are ridiculous by my standards.
  • I normally measure quality of ISP by the speed it offers(upstream, downstream and ping), and how huge and affordable are its data plans.
  • Also I dislike comments by shop owners, who call plans 3.1MBPS plans as 3G plans, I differentiate modems based their technologies used such as UMTS, HSDPA, HSUPA, HSPA, EVDO, CDMA. Shop owners fool the customers by telling EVDO plans as 3G plans. for me EVDO can never be 3G plan. its 2G technology for me.

Tata DoCoMo Photon+

I decided to go for photon+ because of its 10GB free free usage. But is was 2G plan with browsing speeds up to 3.1mbps. but in reality the average speeds was hovering around 155kbps. It was like deal breaker for me as I was trying hard to download various android API’s at that time. The download speed was able to touch its peak only at night 2am,that too it was 1.5mbps.

Based on terms and conditions TTSL has explicitly mentioned of review and apply of controls in case of Peer to Peer traffic, under pretext of network protection. They have also mentioned plans to throttling speeds in case of excess network load. Below is the screen shot of speeds. based on “speedtest.net”  and “pingtest.net” results.

16-05-2012 05-27-35 PM

ping testping test 2nd run

As ping speeds are concerned very happy with the service. compared to my BSNL Landline connection which had ping times around 300. As far as Download and Upload speeds are concerned I am very pissed. Based on time of test I could give OK rating for DoCoMo, but the way their service initially behaved, speeds of their portals and also including the P2P traffic, It was downright pathetic and simply over debited my Trust account with them. The portals and net access itself told me about how unethical TTSL has become, which is bad signal for TTSL in another 3yrs. Another turn off for me was determining Usage indicator. Tata Indicom is portal is way slower than “snail”, and it forces me to gift them some HP Blade Servers.

Now good thing about TTSL are. TTSL still has some quality in their call centers. they were able to help me properly when I finished my quota but the call volume was lower which made me grasp only the outline of things. I even misunderstood RCV 700 as RCV 500 on call. As far as billing is considered, TTSL is ethical in that aspect. They promised of 10GB free data transfer and they did deliver those 10GB data transfer but at an unreliable speeds. The Huawei modem provided is good, but we can’t change its SIM. The indoor signal strength was good with Almost all bars. It is also because the area I live is like heart of the city.

My Conclusion

Tata DoCoMo is advisable to those who want a decent internet service and those who live in heart of the city. The service fails badly if you live far off from city or heavy internet user. If video chats and streaming services are of high priority to you, then don’t give 2G ISP any chance, they are going to disappoint you badly. These wireless ISP are recommended for those who are constantly on move and require some internet connection. Hence in this regards TTSL is better. If you use very data intensive task better go for Wire line broadband. For Students, its better you people be customers of BSNL. There are no ISP’s which can give a decent internet experience for students as students rely heavily on P2P networks. In MBA lingo, I would rate DoCoMo as “sunk” cost as service is not up to my speed. I have already considered Photon+ as service which I will replace immediately once I have other alternative available.

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