Being an avid reader in many fields,  I follow lots of blogs regularly. This article lists some of the personal finance blogs I read as well as share on social media.

  1. Bala Blogs: Its fun to read a critique by an intelligent person, it widens the perspective.
  2. Mutual Fund Critic: Another intelligent critic to follow. This one is more intense reading kind of stuff.
  3. Cognicrafting: This one exposes to a world of knowledge.
  4. BasuNivesh: Follow this to learn about various investment avenues, their pros and cons.
  5. Fundoo Professor: don’t know how I ended up on this, but this blog’s verbose articles provide a wealth of knowledge, and they are the most common source of info that ends up in my pocket feed.
  6. Freefincal: The popular ones, but normally finish the articles in 1 sitting. It’s quite a bit mathematical, also the go-to source for calculators.
  7. Subramoney: This is another popular one. This is the standard source of financial knowledge.
  8. Safal Niveshak: This one is moreover a behavioural finance related one. Normally follow this to know more about our biases.