General Knowledge:

Personal Development:

  • The Art of Asking Good Questions – Safal Niveshak – Socratic questioning is systematic, disciplined, and deep, and usually focuses on fundamental concepts, principles, theories, issues, or problems.
  • The four elements of entrepreneurship – Seth Godin – Explains about entrepreneurship and what they are made up of. Of the 4 only risky part of it gets highlighted. Entrepreneurial behavior isn’t about scale, it’s about a desire for a certain kind of journey.
  • Freedom, Fairness and Equality – Seth Godin – Freedom doesn’t mean no responsibility, Fairness isn’t a handout, And equality doesn’t mean equal.

Personal Finance:

  • How to review a mutual fund portfolio – FreeFinCal – Simple ways in which a mutual fund portfolio associated with a long-term goal can be reviewed. This is a grey area in personal finance and there is no optimal way to do this.
  • This is your edge – Wise Wealth Advisors – “Progress happens too slowly to notice. Setbacks happen too quickly to ignore.” As a nation, we would continue to progress. Media will keep amplifying fears and anxieties. What you need to do is continue to stay invested. What can be simpler than this?


  • DoubleClick for Publishers and Google Analytics – Analytics Pros – DFP is a way for publishers to manage their ads across multiple sources and channels, in short, an Ad server. This article also explains the various reports which are useful for adsense users too.


  • Bliki: IntegrationTest – Martin Fowler – Integration tests determine if independently developed units of software work correctly when they are connected to each other. The problem is that we have (at least) two different notions of what constitutes an integration test – a narrow one and broad one.