Personal Finance:

  • Investors and worrying – Subramoney – Article tells about “worrying” that is inherent in short term market punters. Glad that markets obliged these worrying folks and decided to go down. 😉

Management, Marketing:

  • Greed isn’t good – A VC – Fed Wilson’s take on managing greed, the thing that manifested recently in breaking up of bitcoin.
  • The taxi or the cruise ship? – Seth Godin – The basic decision one needs to make in businesses. To be small volume differentiator or large scale operator.
  • How to decide which task to delegate – HBR – Some tips for delegation. 6 types of tasks that can be effortlessly delegated.
  • How to become the expert in Your Niche – Quick Sprout – Neil patel explains the path one needs to build expertise in field of interest and grow quickly in it.
  • How Successful People Think – Gary Vaynerchuk – Though sounds like boasting, contains the essence of what to do when you cant set a path for greatness. The 2nd route is called continuous improvisation. The CI approach very thing this piece is about.