• Power and Marketing – Seth Godin – Marketing about power and with power. Power dynamics of marketing messages and how to choose between them. Marketing is about human nature and promises and who we see when we look in the mirror.
  • Fear of Escalations – Seth Godin – Escalations and how to manage it. If front line is discouraged of escalating and also not given enough power to fix things, then it will simply alienate the customers.

Personal Development:

  • Do not believe what you read – Subramoney – So when you hear a story…ask for the missing stories…between the lines. Learn to question the coherence that media tries to project. Coherent story is always a biased story.
  • Rejection and the four paths – Seth Godin – 4 path’s one can take when rejected. Arrogance, Depression are 2 of the paths, but they do not lead anywhere. learn to avoid those 2.
  • The problem with Direct Experience – Seth Godin – When we reserve direct experience for the places where it matters—how we feel about the people in our lives, or the music we’re listening to or the painting we’re seeing, we have the priceless opportunity to become a better version of ourselves. The rest of the time, standing on a higher ladder and seeing a bit farther is precisely what we ought to seek out.


  • The myth of Cultural Marxism – Devdutt Pattanaik – Introduces you to the term cultural Marxism. In case of Indian context its characterized by labeling someone as congi and constantly alienating them.

Hygiene Factors:

  • Valuing Hygiene Factors – Seth Godin – Hygiene Factors which is not seen when its present but visible when its gone. Infosys’s iRace debacle was because of these hygiene factor of designation itself.