Personal Development:

  • 13 Secrets to Becoming a Better Writer – Safal Niveshak – Some tips on writing. Which can help other investors too as writing helps in formulation of thoughts, which help your followers to get grips on your thought process.
  • Your Theory – Seth Godin -The problem having theory for everything. Like markets will immediately after it reaches unsustainable PE, etc… Theories of us always based on observed assumptions, if the assumptions do not hold, then the theory we have formed too do not hold.
  • Stuck on what’s next –  Seth Godin – When confronted with too many good options, it’s easy to get paralyzed. This is common way if getting stuck.
  • Getting paid what you deserve – Seth Godin – Because people don’t make buying decisions based on what’s good for you-they act based on what they see, need and believe.