Personal Finances and Investing

  • Investing in shares HURT badly – Subramoney – Explains the churning one must go through to be an equity investor. The pain one encounters in holding off and selling equities. Remember in equities no pain means no gain.
  • Women wake up! – Subramoney – Article focuses on what all needs to be done by other half of personal finances. This covers the basic ground of what needs to be taken care by men as well as women when planning for their finances (PS: Its applicable for both.).
  • What You Need to Succeed in Investing (Hint: It’s Not Genius Brain) – Safal Niveshak – A discussion kind of setup to explain basics of investing. Explains why investing is a marathon not a sprint.


  • Why do Hindus prefer birth anniversaries to death anniversaries? – Devdutt Pattanaik – It tells about religious underpinnings why birth matter more than death. the memory of death inhibits progress, and idea of moving on, hence death is considered as inauspicious. The auspicious direction is the east (purva) from where the sun rises. The auspicious orientation is the north (uttar) where stands the still and permanent Pole Star.

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