There have been lots of protests over the bullet train project and other transport technologies. The farmers are protesting over it. There is a view that its a waste of money, which can be better utilized for schools and hospitals. Environmentalists harping over the felling of trees for it. And as usual, there is widespread misinformation regarding it. This misinformation is due to a PR campaign by lobbies against it. Since people also don’t know importance of the transport system, they fall for the PR campaign. Since people don’t know the importance of moving faster and moving more people – I would retell story of my personal financial growth and role transports played in this.

My Story of being in the right place due to Transport System

My personal finance journey has in most part been successful due to being in the right place. The Transport System we have in place is the reason for it. If I had dithered in doing it, I wouldn’t even be blogging about it nor will I be solvent enough. That random travel started this whole thing.

The Vajra – The AC Volvo inner-city transport system

My personal finance journey started with expense tracking, way back in 2007. I had watched my uncle doing some sort of excel based tracking of finances. I did that journey to his house solely to travel in AC Volvo bus that was plying in that route. BMTC had introed the Vajra service in 2006 for Airport and had expanded its fleet to other locales in the city. That journey eventually led me to experiment with software like Quicken, MS Money Sunset Edition (here is my article on this). The MBA degree too was to aid in this endeavor itself. If I hadn’t made that journey then the start itself would not have happened.

Though the journey was just a coincidence, the next phase of growth since 2013 owes its entire existence due to the transport system. My experimentation with MBA and GNU Cash was just a lucky continuation of expense tracking. My job as a Business Studies lecturer did the next thing.

Mangalore Dharmasthala Shuttle – The intercity transport system

After MBA I joined SDM PU college as a business studies lecturer. The most important thing I did after joining was to open a separate personal non-salary bank account with SBI. That SB account changed my whole picture of my fiances. Since SBI was next to my college, I just walked there and opened the account. This second account made savings easy. Also, I was tracking my fiances from GNU Cash, back then. Since I was a teacher of Business Studies, I also became interested in capital markets.

Armed with my account with SBI, I enquired about opening the Demat account somewhere in October 2013. They suggested me to visit the Mangalore state bank branch. Since there was a direct shuttle service I got a visit there to bring application form somewhere in January 2014. Then in February 2014, I visited them again to submit the application. I caught the bus and despite lots of setbacks in the journey, I visited them and submitted the application. after this, I came to know about pattu of free fincal and he suggested mutual funds. The folio opening got some more journeys to Mangalore. The opening of the MFU account got me some more journeys to the Mangalore CAMS office.

Since the places I wanted to visit were nearer to bus stops, I flourished. My banking relationship with Kotak and ICICI too happened for the same reason – Ease of access. Since I also had my ID and address proof sorted and crystal clear, that also significantly aided me. All these things eventually helped me to rule over my finances.

  • My personal finances are in great shape because of effortlessness in opening and managing the accounts.
  • It was public transport system, which made it easy to visit the offices of these entities.
  • If the office’s reach itself is difficult, then it disincentivizes the activity too.
  • I didn’t find this 2 hr journey to the offices to be a chore, and I enjoyed visiting them.
  • Since my proofs too were sorted and more in number, It further aided in account opening processes.
  • My company opening processes went smooth because I had my electronic document transport system sorted.
  • The ease of operations is the thing that makes the biggest change. The bullet train is supposed to make Mumbai Ahmedabad travel easy and quick, then only it will be game-changer. Tally makes it easy to account for business expenses. Amazon makes it easy to sell wares to customers in any part of this country. MFU makes it easy to invest in Mutual Funds.
  • Your habits also make things easy for you. Accounting is a habit for me. Provisioning for the future too is a habit of me. Traveling large distances to get things done is another habit. Heavy use of tools is also another habit. All these habits make things easy for me.