In the previous post, I listed all the personal finance blogs I follow. These blogs put out a lot of useful content. When the volume of content is large, it becomes difficult to keep a tab on the flow. This post is the list of tools I use to refrigerate content, consume content and do much processing with it.

  1. Feedly, Google Reader: The Google Reader bug first bit me during 2009 period. I had started blogging, and to keep abreast of happenings in the industry I stumbled upon google reader. Then I came across Feedly which was touted back then as a worthy add-on to google reader. After that, I held on to it.
  2. Pocket: This is the ultimate content refrigeration tool. If I come across long-form articles, then I add it to pocket for later reading. The tags help in retrieval later on too.
  3. Ifttt: This is standard automation tool now. I came to know about it from Robert Scoble. His impromptu share made me aware of it. Its frequently used for social shares, but also used for adding content to pocket too.
  4. Evernote: This by far most versatile of the list. I normally store the blogging ideas i get from reading in this. Also, I save the post-it notes pertaining to my CS here.
  5. Kindle: The device and clour reader are defacto tools used for reading e-books and PDF. The highlights are transferred to Evernote.
Inactive Ones:

Apart from these, I had used other tools in the past for managing content as well as curating content. Some are listed below.

  • iReader: Used it for a distraction-free reading of one-off content on the actual site. It’s a chrome plugin.
  • Prismatic: Used for finding articles which I might have overlooked. It was linked to Twitter to highlight the content. Otherwise, that would have gotten browsed over.
  • Twitter, Facebook, Linked In: Earlier I used to get reading content on social media. Since I followed many industry influencers, I was filled with content.
  • Pulse, Nuzzel: Though I use Nuzzel in on and off fashion even now, it was also one of the surfacing tools like prismatic.

These are some of the prominent tools used by me for managing content. Do share yours.